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What is Tumlbr? Tumblr Review

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What is Tumlbr? Tumblr Review

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Tumblr – A Haven for the Short-Form Blogger

Before Pinterest became the big story that it is today, there was one leader when it came to visually interesting photos, and that was Tumblr.

Not only did it excel in terms of pictures, it was also – and still is – the go-to platform for GIFs. Although the platform mostly did well with visuals, it also offers users much more than that.

Impact Social Media Tumblr Blog

Impact Social Media Tumblr Blog

Impact Social Media Loves Tumblr!

Unmasking Tumblr

What exactly is Tumblr? It was unleashed to the tech world as a microblogging platform that enables users to post multimedia content, as well as text, into blogs.

The site uses different kinds of posts namely:

  • Text
  • Photo
  • Quote
  • Link
  • Chat
  • Audio
  • Video
Tumblr Blog Post Types

Tumblr Blog Post Types

Tumblr gives you many options for posting

Another interesting feature on the site is its capability to update through SMS. All you need to do is take note of the custom “” address assigned to your account and send your updates to that address. Tumblr will automatically post that into your profile.

Another feature that’s nice about Tumblr is the ability to share to other social networks. You can link it with your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts – just to name a few. This is so you can share the interesting things you find on the site with your contacts from other social media platforms.

Other notable Tumblr features:

  • Tagging system

Unlike Pinterest that has boards, you find content on the site by searching for tags. Of course, these appear with a hashtag in front of them.

Tumblr Blog Hash Tags

Tumblr Blog Hash Tags

Add good hashtags for your posts

  • Follow Tumblr blogs

You can follow different blogs that really interest you. You can do this by using tags to search for them or use the Find blogs feature which lists blogs in categories.

Following Blogs At Tumblr

Following Blogs At Tumblr

Follow interesting blogs at Tumblr

  • Re-blog

This functions much like the retweet button in Twitter. And unlike the character limit imposed on Twitter, you can add a lengthy commentary once you retweet.

Reblog Cool Stuff At Tumblr

Reblog Cool Stuff At Tumblr

Reblog cool stuff onto your own blog

  • Comments

Any social network is centered on communication, and this is where comments come into play for Tumblr.

  • Like

This functions very much like any other like button. Whether you want to bookmark certain content for re-blogging later or just want to show appreciation for a post, the like button is the way to go.

  • Tumblr Themes

If you want a new look for your blog, Tumblr offers a variety of themes you can choose from.

Customized Themes For Your Tumblr Blog

Customized Themes For Your Tumblr Blog

Customize your theme at Tumblr

  • Queue

You can set up posts to go up at a certain schedule.

Control Your Post Timing At Tumblr

Control Your Post Timing At Tumblr

Control when your post appears

  • HTML editing

If you know HTML, then you can personalize the look of your blog by tweaking its code.

If you know HTML, then you can personalize the look of your blog by tweaking its code.

Data as far as November 30, 2013 put the number of blogs on Tumblr at 152.2 million. Apart from that, here are other interesting statistics about the site:

  • The top ten tags on Tumblr are lol, fashion, food, art, vintage, landscape, tattoos, black and white, makeup, and illustration.
  • Users spend an average of 14 minutes on the site, which is longer than Twitter and Facebook.
  • Tumblr grew 74% in 2013, greater than the 40% recorded by Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Users view around 67 pages per month on the site on average.
  • Tumblr ranks as the fifth most visited site in the US.

Tumblr’s History

Development of Tumblr started in 2006 with David Karp and Marco Arment. They were interested in creating tumblelogs (short-form blogs), and when none of the major blogging platforms introduced it, they decided to develop it themselves.

Tumblr was officially launched on February 2007 and just after two weeks, the number of users was already at 75,000.

2012 saw Tumblr’s first brand advertising campaign with Adidas.

On May 2013, Yahoo and Tumblr reached an agreement for the former to acquire the latter for $1.1 billion in cash. Although users were unhappy, the deal was finalized on June 20, 2013 with David Karp remaining as CEO.

Well-Known Brands on Tumblr

Apart from micro-bloggers, big-name brands are also making use of Tumblr, including:

  • Calvin Klein
  • Disney
  • Lexus
  • Coca-Cola
  • Whole Foods

If you want a short-form way of sharing your thoughts without being limited to character counts, then consider getting a Tumblr account. Not only will it serve as a platform to express your creativity, but you can also build relationships with fellow bloggers who share your interests.

We really enjoying blogging at Tumblr and we do follow a lot of very interesting bloggers there. You are always welcome to visit our Tumblr at

If you have questions or comments about Tumblr or if you would like to tell us about and share your blog there feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section below.

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