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What is Reddit? Reddit Review

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What is Reddit? Reddit Review

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Reddit: Today’s Best Knowledge Hub Online

Reddit is an online social news and entertainment community where registered users submit contents in the form of text posts or links. These submissions either get voted up to popularity or voted down to sink.

Dubbed as the place on the internet where you can dabble and challenge thoughts, arguments and relationships, Reddit has become one of the fastest growing sources for news in the Cyber world today.


Reddit was founded in June of 2005 by Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman, two 22-year-olds who both graduated from the University of Virginia.

After having merged with Infogami and acquired by Conde Nast Publications, Reddit ended up as an open source project in 2008. The website started experiencing explosive traffic in 2010 and by 2011, it was already able to operate independently as a subsidiary of Advance Publications.

Today, Reddit is actively participating in online social movements as with protests against the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Internet Defense League. Recently, it has begun accepting Bitcoins, the increasingly growing popular digital currency, for its subscription services.

Why People Use Reddit

  • Information

Reddit contents cover anything current in the world. Depending on the day, the website’s front page can make it seem as though it is a humor site, news site, music site and some days it may even look like a gaming site. It’s a community that serves everyone and everyone’s interests.

Reddit Information

Reddit Information

Get tons of information from Reddit

  • Commentaries

Just as interesting as Reddit contents are the user commentaries. Reddit has a huge user base which makes for quite the rich comment section. It’s a great hub for exchanging ideas or simply knowing what the rest of the community thinks about a certain topic.

Reddit Commentaries

Reddit Commentaries

Browse the Reddit commentaries

Reddit Features

  • Voting

Redditors, or Reddit users, vote on which discussions and stories are of relevance. The hottest, most interesting stories usually rise to the top spot while the cooler or older stories sink down.

  • Communities

At Reddit, anyone is given the chance to create a community. This is what’s called a subreddit. Subreddits are independent and are generally monitored by teams of volunteers.

  • Post Commenting

Redditors are given the freedom and are even encouraged to express their thoughts about the contents or stories posted on Reddit. As a registered user, you may submit a simple reaction, additional information, context, or even contribute some humor for others.

  • Open Source

As an open source, Reddit has a community of members constantly contributing features, tinkering bug fixes and even doing translations for the improvement of the site.

Reddit Source Code At Github

Reddit Source Code At Github

Find the Reddit source code at GitHub

Site Statistics

Today, Reddit gets over a hundred million of unique visitors monthly, all hailing from 196 different countries. The site also gets an overwhelming view of more than 5 billion and content votes of more than 20 million every month.

Future Trends

As more and more people today hunger for the latest, most interesting news, it’s safe to say that Reddit won’t be taking any downturn in the near future. The website is continuously expanding, even contributing high influxes of traffic to other smaller websites. This is what many now refer to as the Reddit or SlashDot effect.


If you are a person of varied tastes looking for a website that can cater to all your interests, then Reddit would be the best online hub for you. It’s a great site to find out about websites or even contents that have been beaten off the path.

If anything, Reddit’s user base has very eclectic tastes. Thus, it’s almost always certain that you will be able to find something well worth your visit. From programming, to science, to sports, and many more, Reddit offers it all.

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