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What is Odnoklassniki? Odnoklassniki Review

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What is Odnoklassniki? Odnoklassniki Review

Odnoklassniki: A Means of Getting in Touch with Classmates and Old Friends

Visit Odnoklassniki on the web at http://www.odnoklassniki.ru

We all know about Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and a plethora of other social networking sites popular the world over. However, in Russia, there exists a popular networking service favored by most Russians which is called Odnoklassniki.

Based on data from comScore, Russians are pretty active on the social media sphere. They spend around 9.8 hours each month on social media platforms. At that rate, they spend as much time on networking sites as the global average. Given that fact, it’s not unlikely for you to find a friend or two in the said platform especially if they’re from Russia.

Although its primary audience revolves around classmates and old friends, it can still be used by different kinds of businesses for marketing purposes. It can serve as a platform to get to know their audience and to establish engaging relations.

What is Odnoklassniki?

Basically, Odnoklassniki works just like any other social media platform. It is intended to be a way to communicate with friends, as well as an opportunity to network with other people with similar interests. With Odnoklassniki, the service is concentrated on classmates and old friends. Well, its name speaks for itself as it means ‘Classmates’ in Russian.

The site was developed by Albert Popkov (the site’s founder and head) on March 4, 2006. It operated just like any other social networking service where it requires users to register first in order to use its services. The site is available in several languages, including Armernian, Azero, English, Georgian, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, and Uzbeki.

Odnoklassniki is owned by the Mail.ru Group, which is the largest internet company in Russia. Some of the most popular products that this company offers include the very well-known Mail.Ru Agent and ICQ.

The networking platform is also the recipient of several accolades and awards, including:

  • Runet Prize (2006, 2007)
  • Popular Ten nomination for the 2008 Runet Prize
  • Website of the Year nomination by the Russian Entertainment Awards in 2007
  • 2008 Grand Prix Master of Brandbuilding contest
  • Grand Prix for Influence on Offline in the professional contest ROTOR 2008 and ROTOR++

Odklassniki Website Statistics

According to data from Alexa.com, the global rank of the social networking site is 67 while it ranks 7th in Russia. Of course, most of its visitors come from Russia, while the rest come from different areas such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Germany.

Based on data from CrunchBase, the social networking platform reached 100 million users on June 21, 2011.

Data from TNS also shows that Odnoklassniki receives around 18 million visitors per month in Russia.

The average age of users on the site is 22-32. Women comprise 60% of its users.

Odnoklassniki Features

The site mainly focuses on sharing photographs with old classmates. It even has a feature that allows users to rate the photos of other people. In addition to that, users can also see who viewed their profile, chat with friends, and get a real-time listing of who is currently online.

Other features include:

  • Profile

This is where users can see an overview about you. It lists basic information, friend’s lists, personal photos, photo albums, and the groups you are participating in.

Odnoklassniki Profile Example

Odnoklassniki Profile Example

Full-feature profile information

  • Groups

Just like Google+ has Communities and Facebook has Groups, Odnoklassniki also has its own Groups. It’s where you can find people with similar interests as yours. Here, you can participate in conversations surrounding your interests. You can also share photos and videos in Groups. With Groups, it’s also possible to hold contests and promotional events.

Odnoklassniki Groups Example

Odnoklassniki Groups Example

Find & join interesting groups


Odnoklassniki Impact Social Media Group

Odnoklassniki Impact Social Media Group

Create your own group

  • Games

Just like Facebook, Odnoklassniki offers its users to play games. Some of the fames include Poker, Crossfire, and RiotZone.

Odnoklassniki Online Games

Odnoklassniki Online Games

Enjoy a variety of online games

  • Other Services

Users can also upload songs and videos on the site.

Odnoklassniki Music Features

Odnoklassniki Music Features

Enjoy music at the site


Odnoklassniki Video Features

Odnoklassniki Video Features

Upload, watch & enjoy videos

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