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What Is Café Mom? A Social Media For Moms Only

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What Is Café Mom?

A Social Media For Moms Only

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A Mothers Love

A Mothers Love

A mothers love

This is going to be a fairly lengthy review so brace yourself! The reason is because I think Café Mom is a very amazing social media network that simply does not get the recognition that it truly deserves.

Hopefully by the time you finish this article your eyes will be opened to the value and capabilities of this highly specialized social platform.

Cafe Mom Home Page

Cafe Mom Home Page

Café Mom home page

A bit of history

To start things off you should know that Cafe Mom has already stood the test of time. It was launched way back in 2006 and it is still going strong as of the writing of this article. Café Mom is a time tested and proven player with staying power in the rapidly evolving arena of social media.

Café Mom was invented to fulfill a need for a very specific group of people known as moms. There is nothing else on earth like a mom and truly they are in a class all by their self! Truth is, if you are drawing breath and reading this article, at some point there was a woman who carried you in her tummy and then brought you into this world.

The intent of Café Mom from the beginning was to provide a secure social environment where mothers could connect to each other for the purpose of mutual support and interaction. Obviously this concept was incredibly valid based on the enormous and rapid initial growth of the network.

Over the years Café Mom has evolved and added many features. It has also branched out into sister sites such as Mamas Latinas, The Stir and The Prowl. Café Mom has also gained notice from big time retailers as they are an excellent “testing bed” for getting feedback and suggestions on new products.

As of the writing of this article Alexa is reporting that Café Mom has no shortage of fans and web site visitors. The site pulls an impressive global rank of 932 while currently showing a USA rank at 255! This gives us the understanding that the platform is stable, likeable and very heavily frequented.

Cafe Mom Alexa Rank

Café Mom Is Popular

Café Mom has lots of traffic

Worthwhile elements

  • Conversation for moms
  • Advice for moms
  • Entertainment for moms
  • Groups for moms
  • Videos gallery
  • Sister sites
  • Collection of helpful internet links
  • Targeted advertising
  • Social media connectivity

Conversation for moms

Café Mom membership is free but restricted to moms only so no men are allowed. This gives a unique social environment that is not available anywhere else that I am aware of.

This also creates a safe and secure place where moms can converse with each other on a wide range of topics that are of interest to them. Past that, there is a unique connection between moms simply because one has to be a mom to understand what being a mom is all about!

No Men Allowed In

No Men Allowed In

No men allowed!

Advice for moms

Do you have a mom dilemma on your hands? Would you like to seek advice from another mom who has faced the same problem that you are dealing with?

Café Mom has an advice section where you can search for and find solid recommendations on just about anything you can imagine. If by some chance the information you need is not already there you can always pose your question.

Cafe Mom Advice

Cafe Mom Advice

Get sound advice from experienced moms

Entertainment for moms

A variety of entertainment features are built right into Café Mom. This allows you to use the site for relaxation and enjoyment during your spare moments.

There are a variety of videos you can watch that are geared towards the things moms like. You can catch up on the latest news headlines that may be of interest to you. There are a variety of games available to suit a range of tastes.

If your preference is social interaction you can jump right into a group category that interests you and participate in ongoing discussions.

Groups for moms

Café Mom has a very organized group system. Categories include, Hang Out & Talk, Parenting Talk & Advice, Interest & Lifestyle Talk and many more.

You can join groups and Café Mom will help you to stay connected by providing quick access to your active posts, active replies, likes, quotes and general group activity. If by some chance you feel the need to create an entirely new group the procedure is quick and easy.

Cafe Mom Groups

Cafe Mom Groups

You can join and participate in groups

Videos gallery

Café Mom provides a large selection of quality videos. To make this more user friendly the site makes use of a quick filter system to help you find the videos you want to see.

You can find videos by topic, show, host, food, healthy living, holiday, home, parenting, etc. The variety is amazing and you can watch a video about how to clean jewelry or how to motivate stubborn kids and everything in between.

Cafe Mom Videos

Cafe Mom Videos

Search for, find and watch a wide variety of videos

Sister sites

Over the years Café Mom has branched out into a few sister sites such as The Stir, Mamas Latinas and The Prowl.

The Stir is a social group with an active community that delves into everything from discussion to stories to advice to news and more.

As you might have guessed Mamas Latinas is pretty much a version of the home site that is tailored for Spanish speaking users.

At The Prowl the focus is dedicated to shopping and this sister site allows for a social network for shopping, reviews, advice, sharing and more.

The Stir

The Stir

The Stir

Mamas Latinas

Mamas Latinas

Mamas Latinas

The Prowl

The Prowl

The Prowl

Collection of helpful internet links

Café Mom has a large collection of useful URL’s that are organized into categories.

Categories include:

  • Caring for Elders
  • Child Abuse
  • Children’s Health
  • Child Predators
  • Domestic Violence
  • Education Resources
  • Emergency
  • Feeding & Nutrition
  • Government Assistance
  • Mental Health-Postpartum Depression
  • Missing Children
  • Mom Organizations
  • Poison Control, Rumors
  • Substance Use and Abuse
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Safety and Women’s Health

Targeted advertising

Café Mom presents a very good platform for advertising and also for test bedding new products. They offer a variety of advertising solutions like Word of Mouth Programs, Community Centers, The Stir, Games, Group Sponsorships, Custom Videos, Seasonal Tabs, Sampling, Targeted Media and High-Impact Media.

Social media connectivity

Café Mom is very socially connected. They provide a strong internet presence at FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Google+.

Their web pages offer clickable icons which make it easy to follow or engage them at the various social platforms that they use. This allows for additional social connectivity with Café Mom beyond their home website and sister websites.


If you are a mom and you are not a member at Café Mom we suggest that you at least go to their site and take a look around.

We really believe that this is a very unique social platform that is a beneficial safe haven for mothers everywhere.

It is likely that you constantly hear mention of FaceBook, Twitter and Pinterest and yet rarely if ever hear any mention of Café Mom. We hope that this article will serve to bring this incredible social network to the front and center of your attention for the purpose of giving you a social media option that you may not have known existed.

If you have any questions about Café Mom or would like to make a suggestion or comment please feel free to get in touch.

You can visit and join Café Mom at http://cafemom.com

You can visit and join The Stir at http://thestir.cafemom.com/

You can visit and join Mamas Latinas at http://www.mamaslatinas.com/

You can visit and join The Prowl at http://www.theprowl.com/

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