Local Marketing With Manta

Manta Local Marketing Local Citations

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Manta Local Marketing & Manta Local Citations

Local Marketing With Manta

Local Marketing With Manta

Use Manta for Local Marketing & Local Citations

Have you heard of Manta? Are you familiar with “local marketing.” Huh Do you sell products or services where your target market is the local people that live or work around or near you business? If so listen up and you will get some great tips in this article!

First off a little bit about Manta. Manta sports some very impressive user statistics. For instance Alexa has them ranked at #897 globally and #365 in the USA Shocked They have a strong user base of females and an enormous population of browsers stemming from school locations. Don’t take my word for it but take a close look at the following Manta statistics:

Manta Alexa Statistics

Manta Alexa Statistics

Manta has impressive statistics

Now a little bit more about what Manta is focused on. Manta is uniquely focused on connecting business products and services with those who are looking to buy those products and services. They truly are a local marketing dream but at the same time they have a national and international reach as well.

My unbiased observation Cool is that Manta does very well in the search engines and is a very good option to help you get noticed and listed. Keep in mind this is not on just any old keyword but more specifically on your name + products + services + location. This is precisely why I recommend using Manta and particularly for the enhancement of “local marketing” + SEO!

I am located here in Missouri and we are known as “the show me state.” So please don’t just take my word as fact but let me “show you” the proof in the pudding with real live search engine results that I just retrieved about 5 minutes ago.

Manta Bing Local Marketing

Manta Bing Local Marketing

A search at Bing for my company name and location spits out my Manta listing near the top of page 1!

Manta Google Local Marketing

Manta Google Local Marketing

A search at Google for my company name and location spits out my Manta listing near the center of page 1!

Because I have taken the time to list with Manta and properly fill out my profile … I have been very well rewarded with having Manta advertise and market my company right near the very top of page one at Bing and near the middle of page 1 at Google!

You want to know the next shocker? I have not paid one red cent for this. Do some research on the internet and please let me know when you find an SEO company that can get you on the first page of Bing or Google for free!

I have not yet setup a paid advertising campaign at Manta but trust me it is in the works and will be in place some time after the first of the year. Once I am able to document and display the results of that I promise to update you on what I find.

In the meantime … RUN don’t walk to Manta and get your business, products and services listed. If you are missing out on this cut your losses short and get listed as soon as you can!

One last tip for Manta. They have a regularly updated “blog.” You should read it regularly and respond to the ongoing topics. You should also add your own relevant and useful information.

Don’t spam the place with plug after plug for your products and services but try to create and submit some genuinely useful info and you will be rewarded with exposure and possibly business networking connections.

You see Manta is not just a “listing engine.” It is also a social media network. You can connect to people and share information, links, photos, videos and anything else you can think of.

Feel free to come visit us or even connect at Manta by visiting http://www.manta.com/c/mx47jyq/impact-social-media

Video: Why Manta?

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