Making Money Blogging on Blogger

Make money with Blogger using Adsense

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Make money with Blogger using Adsense

Would you like to make some money? Of course you would! Well guess what? You can do that if you know how to work Blogger and AdSense as a team…

Essentially you need to begin by having a successful Blogger blog. This would be good and interesting content that generates a nice fan base.

Once you have that in place you can then leverage your blog traffic for AdSense advertising. The blog traffic will possibly “click” the AdSense ads and this in turn can generate you MONEY and how cool is that!

If you would like to learn a bit more about this concept please watch the videos below.

Make money with Blogger using Adsense


How to earn Money with Google Adsense and Blogger

If you run AdSense with YouTube or Blogger that is a good choice for sure because these are so well integrated with Google.

Now if you want to run AdSense on your own site the criteria has to be met. Google is very picky about end user experience among other things and so they carefully scrutinize anyone who embeds their PPC ads. One issue alone is that Google monitors clicks and when it discerns “invalid” clicks it must refund the money to the person paying for the embedded ad and of course they do what they can to avoid this scenario.

Right off the bat you should know that you will need to have verified ownership of the site for at least 6 months.

Past that there are other requirements as well:

  • You can’t click your own ads
  • You can’t game the system-encourage others to click your ads
  • You cannot place ads on pages that violent content guidelines
  • You cannot place ads if there is copyrite infringement
  • Your site traffic has to be legitimate
  • You must have good navigation and no redirects
  • You must be in compliance with ADA & COPPA
  • You cannot have gambling content
  • And the list goes on…..

In summary, Google does not allow just any site to run their PPC ads. There are numerous requirements that must be met and maintained. Violating them could result in forfeiting your earnings and removing the ads and even being banned!

I would highly recommend you thoroughly study all of this at

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