Facebook the Largest Social Network

Facebook the Largest Social Network in the World

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Facebook the Largest Social Network in the World

Visit Facebook on the web at http://facebook.com/

Facebook the Largest Social Network

Facebook the Largest Social Network

Facebook is the Largest Social Network in the World!

Fun Facts about the Biggest Social Network That Is Facebook

Who doesn’t know about Facebook? Even if not everyone has an account and some people claim to shun social networks, they would have at least heard about Facebook.

After all, there was a time when it seems like Facebook is the only thing people are talking about. And, most of the time, it always seems to find its way into just about any casual conversation.

“Did you see her wedding pictures on Facebook?”

“I wouldn’t have remembered your birthday if it wasn’t for Facebook!”

“I found him on Facebook.”

Think of it as a depot of information, contributed by an entire global community of people. It also serves as a directory for missing persons. That is, the chances of finding a long-lost friend at Facebook are higher than anywhere else, what with connections and networks spreading far and wide. In Facebook, there’s a huge possibility that someone knows about that particular someone you are looking for.

So when did all the fun start?

It was in 2004 when Mark Zuckerberg and 5 other college roommates of his launched a website, designed as a student directory. Its membership was originally limited to students of Harvard University, but later expanded to other colleges and the Ivy League.

Today, anyone aged 13 years old and above can register as a Facebook user. As of January 2014 it has over 1.2 Billion users! Just imagine how huge this website can become if the rest of the world joins in.

What makes Facebook the preferred choice for social networking?

Apart from the obvious, which is being able to share just about anything you fancy, it is also a tool that broke through a lot of barriers, online and offline.

As Facebook is sometimes used as a weapon, everyone is encouraged to choose what they post wisely. But with the virtual world being practically open for everyone, the biggest social site has invaded other aspects of life. Don’t believe it?

Here are some fun facts about Facebook that are sure to bring out a range of emotions.

  • Get paid for hacking into it. If you can find bugs in the system and software, Facebook will pay $500. But you have to keep mum about the problem and allow it to get fixed before you receive your prize.
  • Become a pirate on Facebook. Doing so won’t require you to put on a costume, only to change your language to Pirate. Afterwards, you won’t have friends but “Mateys” and everyone has “Cap’n” for a title. You might want to skip it if you want to remain the lone captain of the ship.
  • Have a digital album for free. There are over 140 billion photos (and still counting) on Facebook. With devices that allow for easy capture and upload of pictures, you can practically create a digital album without paying for anything. Just think about what photos you show to the public as they might have an adverse effect on your life.
  • It has become a factor in relationship conflicts. “Think before you act.” The rule applies both online and offline, but some people tend to overlook it, which leads to a variety of problems. In fact, Facebook is a reason for a third of divorces, according to Divorce-Online. How? When involved parties send inappropriate messages, tell friends about a partner’s behavior and post nasty comments.

The power of Facebook

If you stay updated on the news, you might have also heard about crimes linked to the behavior of some of Facebook’s users. This only shows how powerful this social site is, what with it affecting people on various levels. This is why responsible use of Facebook is highly encouraged so that it will only serve as a place for having fun and socializing.

Facebook Features

Facebook is the most full-featured of any social media network just take a look.

  • Almost everyone is there
  • Groups
  • Games
  • Link sharing
  • Photo sharing
  • Video sharing
  • Location check-in
  • Live chat
  • Mobile apps
  • API’s
  • Business pages
  • Advertising
  • Security features

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