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What is WeHeartIt? WeHeartIt Review

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What is WeHeartIt? WeHeartIt Review

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WeHeartIt – A Visual Representation of What Inspires You

You’re probably aware of the phenomenon that is Pinterest, right? So, why should you want to join another platform that offers more or less the same features?

Better yet, what would you want to do with a network that is so similar to Tumblr as well? Well, mind you, We Heart It was actually created two years prior to Pinterest, but has just recently found a significant amount of traffic.

With all this said, the question left to be answered is this: “Why should you give this network a second look?”. Well, it helps to know more about what features it brings to the table.

A Brief History

We Heart It is the definition of a network that has been flying under the radar. One of its closest rivals in terms of features, Pinterest, has been the darling of marketers, craftsmakers, and homemakers the world over. However, it is important to note that We Heart It was actually created even before Pinterest.

The beginnings of We Heart It date back to the fall of 2007. It was a time when creator Fabio Giolito dedicated a portion on his website called “I Heart It” to help with the collection of images he found inspiring. He was going to use the images as part of his graphic design studies at a college in Rio de Janeiro.

When he showed this to his fellow students, they all asked if he could build something similar for them. From there, We Heart It was born in December 2007.

We Heart It Features

The user interface of We Heart It is devoted to being clean and simple. In other words, it lets the content speak for itself.

A We Heart It account is comprised of the following:

  • Canvas

This is basically your homepage where all your Collections show up as well as your Hearts (photos you’ve liked). Through this page, other users can get a feel of what inspires you through the visual representation presented.

Weheartit Canvas

Weheartit Canvas

Your WeHeartIt canvas is a streaming wall of images

  • Hearts

This page contains all the photos you have liked on the platform.

Weheartit Hearts

Weheartit Hearts

The Hearts page contains everything you hearted (liked)

  • Collections

These are basically like boards where you get to group your interests in one place.

Weheartit Collections

Weheartit Collections

WeHeartIt collections let you group your images

  • Following

This page lists down the accounts you are following. There is also another Following page that displays all the Collections of the person you’re following.

Weheartit Following Page

Weheartit Following Page

The following page lets you see who you follow

  • Followers

Contains a list of the people who follow you.

Weheartit Followers Page

Weheartit Followers Page

Search for your friends at FaceBook and Twitter

  • Favorite Tags

Just like Tumblr, We Heart It allow you to keep track of tags that interest you. This is where posts tagged with your interests appear.

Weheartit Favorite Tags

Weheartit Favorite Tags

View all pictures by associated tags

  • All Images

A page that displays all the latest photos in the We Heart It Community. On the far right side, you’ll also see a section devoted to Top Tags, as well as sorting options: by day, by month, and by year.

We Heart It Site Statistics

We Heart It was relatively unheard of for many years, and in fact, they just shared their first press release in June 2013. The content of the press release? An announcement that they have reached 20 million monthly active users plus being the recipient of $8 million in funding.

Since the announcement, the number of monthly actives has shot up to 25 million, and the site is also adding over one million new users each month.

Apart from the very impressive racking up of users, they are getting the users that actually mean the most in this day and age of social media platforms: teenagers who are mobile savvy.

Yes, 80% of We Heart It’s user base are under the age of 24 and most of the activity on the platform comes from mobile devices.

We’ve heard what it can do, but what makes it stand out?

One word: comments. Why is that so? Well, because there is none. In other words, you can express yourself through the images you put up and not receive any negative flack for it.

That being said, if you’re longing for a Pinterest and Tumblr-like experience without much of the negativity then consider We Heart It as your photo-based sharing network.

You are always welcome to visit our WeHeartIt profile by going to http://weheartit.com/impactsocialmedia If you have any questions or comments about WeHeartIt or would like to tell us about your canvas there feel free to jump in and leave your comments down below.

Video: We Heart It – How to Use It and What it Is

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