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What is Wanelo? Wanelo Review

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What is Wanelo? Wanelo Review

Visit Wanelo on the web at

Wanelo: Maybe the hottest social site around

In the past, you used to look at 100+ page catalogs for items you wish to buy. Thanks to rapid developments in technology, this activity can now be done on the internet on sites such as Amazon and Etsy. If you have a smart phone or tablet you can also enjoy this activity at any time and nearly from any location.

However, these sites don’t really provide that many options when it comes to product discovery, especially from your favorite brands. What you needed to do was bookmark a page then come back after a couple of days, weeks, or months to find something new.

With Pinterest, you’re presented with items that you know you like because they are from people that you followed who shared similar interests with you. However, it’s hard to tell which items are for sale and which ones aren’t.

Enter Wanelo. It looks like Pinterest, but clicking on any of the images that appear on your feed takes you to a page that gives a purchase option. Even better, it doesn’t prompt you to purchase right this second. You can save items you find interesting into “Collections” before purchasing.

We fell in love with Wanelo very quickly and enjoy endless hours browsing there. It is just an amazing platform to view and save just about anything that can be purchased online. It is also a pleasure to read the different stories that stream on the wall each day.

Impact Social Media Wanelo Profile

Impact Social Media Wanelo Profile

We are huge fans of Wanelo and see a bright future ahead for them!

The Basics of Wanelo

Most of the items featured on the site are from small businesses like the ones found on Etsy. In fact, a lot of the retailers on the site also have a presence on Etsy. There are also some big name brands on the site, including:

  • Urban Outfitters
  • Anthropologie
  • Toms
  • Nordstrom
  • Vans
Urban Outfitters On Wanelo With 2.4 Million Followers

Urban Outfitters On Wanelo With 2.4 Million Followers

Check out Urban Outfitters on Wanelo with 2.4 MILLION followers!

A Brief History of Wanelo

Deena Varshavskaya launched Wanelo in 2010 and also serves as its CEO. Deena had the idea for the site in 2006 when she realized that there is a need for a personalized online shopping experience. She grew frustrated with shopping in malls because she wanted unique items and also wanted to know what her friends wanted.

Website Statistics

  • More than 10 million users
  • Features products from 200,000 stores, both major retailers and small independent shops
  • More than 7 million products are saved 8 million times a day
  • Average time spent on site per day is 50 minutes
  • Very notable, strong, steady and sustained growth
Wanelo Has Strong Steady Growth

Wanelo Has Strong Steady Growth

Look at this impressive sustained upward growth trend

Ruby on Rails Wonder

Wanelo has to be given proper respect for their mastery and accomplishments with Ruby on Rails. Previously, as in the case with Twitter and others, Ruby on Rails had proven difficult to master and particularly with large scale projects.

Some even went so far as to say Ruby was not a good option for huge and heavily trafficked sites. Wanelo put all these myths to bed and has very successfully developed on Ruby where others have failed. We are huge fans of Ruby on Rails and so we give them huge kudos for this!

Wanelo Features

  • Follow People

In order to populate your feed with items you find interesting, you have to follow a few people so that whatever they add into their collections will be reflected in your stream.

If you don’t want to use the search feature to type keywords, you can always use the “Top People” page. This shows the top users on the site and is divided into two tabs: Women and Men.

Following People On Wanelo

Following People On Wanelo

Follow people on Wanelo that interest you

  • Follow Stores

If you want products directly from the source, then follow all your favorite stores – that is, if they have a presence on the site. If you don’t want to type in your search all the time, you can choose the “Top Stores” page and be presented with the best Stores on the site.

In the “Top Stores” page, you have the option to filter your choices by price point which the site labels as “$”, “$$”, and “$$$$.” There are also the following tabs: Featured, Men, Home, and Independent.

Following Stores On Wanelo

Following Stores On Wanelo

Follow stores on Wanelo and keep up with their merchandise

  • Follow Collections

You also have the option to follow Collections of users rather than the users themselves. For example, you can just follow a user’s Star Wars Memorabilia collection rather if that’s the only thing you found interesting.

Following Collections On Wanelo

Following Collections On Wanelo

We are following the “Jewelry By Me” collection from Veronika Nagy

  • Browse by Category

Wanelo has several categories such as Accessories, Shoes, and Weddings – just to name a few. This is where you can browse items that are specific to a central theme. This is really helpful when you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, but need some form of inspiration.

Following Wedding Merchandise At Wanelo

Following Wedding Merchandise At Wanelo

Follow wedding merchandise at Wanelo

  • Save Products

If you find a product interesting, you can choose to save it first rather than buy it straightaway. The items you save are put into Collections, which are the equivalent of Boards in Pinterest.

Jewelry Collection Saved Products At Wanelo

Jewelry Collection Saved Products At Wanelo

Our saved jewelry products in a “Jewelry” collection

  • Leave Comments

The comments section is open to discuss a certain product, and of course find other people who share similar interests.

Commenting On Merchandise At Wanelo

Commenting On Merchandise At Wanelo

You can post comments on merchandise at Wanelo

  • Make a Purchase

When you click on the Buy button on the page, it leads you to the shopping page of the brand that owns the item.

  • Share to Social Media Accounts

Let those in your other social networks know about the great finds you browsed on Wanelo.

  • Apps and browser plugins

Wanelo provides exceptional mobile device apps that let you enjoy their platform on the go. They have also developed a very cool browser plugin that makes it very easy to find things on the web and then add them into your Wanelo profile.

Wanelo Apps And Browser Plugin

Wanelo Apps And Browser Plugin

Wanelo has great apps and browser plugins

  • Have your storefront there

If anybody adds your online tangible products into Wanelo you become “eligible” to “claim” a storefront there. This allows you to then build a literal online web store at Wanelo for free. You can then add your merchandise and get great benefit from the platform. To make this opportunity even more impressive Wanelo does all of this while being free of annoying advertising content!

Wanelo is a great platform to be on, if you want to browse and collect items with the intention of buying them in the future. So, sign up with Wanelo and collect to your heart’s desire. We just can’t say enough good things about Wanelo and this is honestly one of the most exciting social media ideas we have seen in a long time.

You are invited to visit us at Wanelo by going to If you have questions or comments about Wanelo or if you would just like to tell us about your profile or storefront there feel free to add your comments down below. We are HUGE Wanelo fans and are always happy to talk about it at length.

Video: Wanelo Makes Shopping Social

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