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What is Vimeo? Vimeo Review

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What is Vimeo? Vimeo Review

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Vimeo: Just Another Video-Sharing Website?

With YouTube still dominating the web when it comes to video consumption, why should you even think about switching over to Vimeo? Basically, they’re the same: users can upload and watch videos. However, what makes Vimeo different from YouTube is that it focuses on much longer videos such as short films or even full length movies.

Impact Social Media Vimeo Page

Impact Social Media Vimeo Page

We are ready to start making good use of Vimeo

Given that YouTube and Vimeo practically offer the same services, what should make you choose Vimeo over its much popular competitor?

1. Vimeo is focused on delivering videos only to its users. Unlike YouTube which bothers video watchers with ads popping up before and over videos, Vimeo steers clear of that. So, if you’re the type who prefers ad-free videos, Vimeo might be the right choice for you.

2. Vimeo provides a very easy-to-use service. You don’t need technical knowledge in order to use the features of the video-sharing site.

Vimeo Easy To Use Video Uploads

Vimeo Easy To Use Video Uploads

Vimeo video uploads are quick and easy to use

3. Vimeo has a very dedicated community. Although bickering amongst users is always a possibility, however, the Vimeo community is mostly positive and above all things, passionate and supportive.

Vimeo Features

  • Uploading videos

Users can upload videos, but with certain restrictions. Specifically, the site requires that you must hold all the necessary rights to the video you’re about to upload. However, if you helped create the video – as a director, editor, musician, actor, etc. – you can upload the video but with necessary permissions from the copyright holders.

Vimeo doesn’t allow users to upload rips of movies, music, or any other material that is copyrighted by a third party. Of course, users are discouraged from uploading videos that are hateful or include speech that is defamatory and discriminatory.

  • Managing videos

This refers to changing the settings of your videos from basic things such as video titles and thumbnail images, privacy permissions, embedded customizations, and more.

Vimeo Video Manager

Vimeo Video Manager

Fully manage your videos at Vimeo

  • Enhancing videos

Vimeo is dedicated to using licensed music for files uploaded to their sites. This is why they have their own Music Store where users can browse audio files to put in their videos.

Users can also enhance the look of their videos through The Enhancer. Basically, it lets users add visual effects that range from color overlays to really advanced features that make videos look professional.

Enhancing Videos At Vimeo

Enhancing Videos At Vimeo

Enhance your videos with captions, subtitles, photos and more!

  • Organizing videos

Users can create a Channel that will showcase videos of a certain theme. Users can choose to use their own videos and showcase videos by other members.

Just like any social networking site, Vimeo also has Groups where users can create a community of like-minded users to share videos.

Vimeo has an Albums feature which allows users to organize their videos by creating sets or playlists.

Users are also presented with the Portfolios feature where they can present their work in the most stylish and classy way.

Lastly, Vimeo users can also use Categories to better categorize their videos. Not only that, users can also refer to Categories to find videos that cater to their interests.

Creating Channels At Vimeo

Creating Channels At Vimeo

Create and follow channels at Vimeo

  • Sharing videos

Vimeo users can embed videos in their blog or website. Of course, users can also share videos to various social networking sites.

Vimeo History

Vimeo was founded in November 2004 by Jake Lodwick and Zach Klein, although they eventually left the company they built in 2007 and 2008, respectively. The name Vimeo is a play on “video and me” and it’s also an anagram for the word “movie.”

Vimeo Site Statistics

Data from December 2013 indicates that the site receives around 100 million unique visitors every month. The site also has registered 22 million users.

Vimeo Site Traffic Statistics

Vimeo Site Traffic Statistics

Vimeo is ranked #60 in the USA and is currently growing strong

The community of Vimeo is comprised of indie filmmakers and fans. Just like YouTube, the site also hosts videos by well-known personalities like Britney Spears. The White House also hosts high-definition versions of its broadcasts on Vimeo.

If you want a video-sharing service that is free from ads and can play high-definition videos, sign up for a Vimeo account and start the fun by simply sharing or watching great videos.

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Also, if you have questions or comments about Vimeo or would like to tell us about your page or videos there feel free to add your comments down below.

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