What Is Snapchat Snapchat Review

What is SnapChat? SnapChat Review

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What is SnapChat? SnapChat Review

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What Is Snapchat Snapchat Review

What Is Snapchat Snapchat Review

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat: The New and Fun Way to Share Photos and Videos on the Go

In this digital age, sharing just about anything in the virtual world, or more specifically in social networks, is quick and easy. With so many apps and platforms available it is as simple as 1-2-3!

With today’s 4G networks, mobile apps can operate quickly with a turnaround time of just seconds or minutes. Thanks to this technology, rapid communication and exchange of ideas has been made easier than ever before. However, if you want to do more than just share pictures and messages, you should consider using Snapchat.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat makes use of a brilliant and unique sharing concept that gives it a special does of spontaneity. Snapchat is a photo messaging application that lets you take photos, record videos, and add text and drawings before sending it to one or more recipients.

The twist is, unlike other existing apps, Snapchat is more of a time bomb message where recipients can only view what was sent within a set time limit.

Unless you quickly draw your mobile phone, you could miss half of your life. This is because the messages will be hidden and deleted from the server the moment the allotted time runs out. This particular feature makes the app quite entertaining and fun to use.

A bit of history

To help you fully appreciate this photo sharing application, meet the brains behind it — Evan Spiegel and Robert Murphy. They were both students at Stanford University when they developed the app as a project for one of Spiegel’s classes. It was released in September 2011 and is now compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.

Although the sent messages are intended to disappear within a certain time frame, continuous development has led to the creation of a feature that allows users to create a link of the shared content that can be viewed over and over again for up to 24 hours.

What are some of Snapchat’s notable features?

It is user-friendly, requiring just a few buttons to enjoy all of the features. A large circular button is what you use when taking photos and videos. Just hold it down to record a short clip that will last up to 10 seconds. There is also one striped box that houses the contact list and another 3-dimensional box that takes you to the menu.

Taking screenshots is possible, but may be disabled during the viewing period. Nonetheless, if a recipient takes a screenshot of the image sent, the sender will be notified, which is pretty neat.

Adding and changing colors is really easy. Simply touch the color bar, pick a shade and then draw. Just like when working in Word or Paint, you will be presented with a color palette where you can pick a shade that you want to use. It’s fun and easy to change a photo to black and white, negative or Sepia as well. Simply take a photo and then type in the text box the effect that you want like Sepia and Snapchat will do the rest.

Snapchat also comes with a cool replay feature. When Speigel and Murphy presented Snapchat to the class, their classmates balked at the idea that the images would disappear. As a solution, they launched Snapchat Stories, a feature that enables users to create a link of the shared content which is accessible for 24 hours. These “stories” can be shared simultaneously and if you take a screenshot of the images through Snapchat, you can save a permanent copy on your computer or mobile phone.

There’s a lot of cool things you can do with Snapchat that makes video and photo sharing a fun and exciting thing to do. But why take someone else’s word for it when you can see for yourself just how nifty this app is?

Simply download it on your mobile and start taking photographs of yourself, people, animals, landscapes or anything else that is snap-worthy. Don’t you think it’s time to share the beauty of what you are seeing to the rest of the world?

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