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What is ReverbNation? ReverbNation Review

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What is ReverbNation? ReverbNation Review

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ReverbNation – An Online Community for Music Industry Professionals

Yes, the world may have Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, so why should there be a need for another social network that offers more or less the same thing? Sure, ReverbNation has all the qualities of a social network, but one thing that makes it stand out is its target audience: music industry professionals. Specifically, those working in the independent music scene.

Sure, professionals from the music industry can definitely thrive using the most popular social networks however, they need to fight tooth and nail in those kinds of communities in order to be discovered. Well, it will still be equally tough using ReverbNation, but at least the community is already catered for a specific audience: music industry professionals.

So, whether you’re an artist, recording label, manager, or own a venue or organize festivals and events, you’ll definitely find a home by signing up with ReverbNation.

ReverbNation’s History

ReverbNation was launched in 2006. The company’s CEO and co-founder is Mike Doernberg. He is also part of the marketing software firm SmartPath which was acquired by DoubleClick in 2004.

The EVP of Music Industry & Artist Relations for the company – as well as its co-founder – is Lou Plaia. Plaia formerly worked as the Head of Marketing and Artist Development at Lava Records, which was an imprint of Atlantic Records.

For that record company, Plaia was involved in marketing campaigns for artists such as Kid Rock, Uncle Cracker, and Simple Plan. Plaia was also in charge of negotiating strategic corporate partnerships such as the Chevy Rock n Roll 400 of NASCAR and Disney’s Grad Night.

Website Statistics

Based on data gathered in August 2013, 3 million musicians have created accounts with ReverbNation. Not only that, the site has also received more than 30 million unique visitors every month.

What can ReverbNation do?

The site offers concert booking and promotion, digital distribution, fan relationship management, sentiment tracking, web promotion, and web hosting.

ReverbNation Features For Artists and Bands

  • Profile

The basic starting point to getting to know anyone in the music industry who is a member of this site. Your profile displays basic things about you, including the sounds you like, what label you belong to, and who your manager is. It also features your songs which can be played. There’s also an area dedicated for shows, videos, and blogs.

Reverb Nation User Profile

Reverb Nation User Profile

ReverbNation Profiles for fans and musicians

  • Reviews

The site features Crowd Reviews where users can rate your music. Through it, you can get a gauge of how people feel about your music. It also allows you to gauge the potential of your music in the market, as well as its performance in your own specific genre.

Music Reviews On Reverbnation

Music Reviews On Reverbnation

Benefit from music reviews on Reverbnation

  • Email Newsletters

Email is without a doubt one of the best – but still underrated – ways of getting in touch with fans. Through this feature, bands can update their fan base with releases, tour dates, and photos.

  • Promotions

The site has a Promote It feature that delivers target ads for your band in several places across the web where music lovers hang out. These places include Facebook, Pandora, and YouTube – just to name a few.

Reverb Nation For Music Promotion

Reverb Nation For Music Promotion

ReverbNation for effective music promotions


Get Music Widgets At Reverbnation

Get Music Widgets At Reverbnation

ReverbNation embed widgets aid in music promotions

  • Site Builder

This is basically a way to turn your profile into a fully functional website. Your website will have a music player, photo gallery, and a .com address.

  • Social Sync

You can connect all your social media accounts, be it Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, so that every time you post an update from your ReverbNation account, all of your social channels get updated as well.

For Venues

ReverbNation helps venues sell tickets through their Promote It feature. Fan management is also available for venues so they can stay connected with their patrons. You can also book bands, as well as promote shows.

For Record Labels and Managers

The site offers labels to manage all their talent from one account. Promoting every talent is also very simple through ReverbNation, as well as fan management, and finding and booking shows.

For Fans

Any music lover would love to discover new artists and tunes, and this is exactly what ReverbNation offers. Your search will be enhanced because you can search by genre, location, name and more.

Whether you’re a music lover or an artist, know that there’s a place for you on ReverbNation.

Discover Upcoming Local Music Shows On Reverbnation

Discover Upcoming Local Music Shows On Reverbnation

Discover upcoming local music shows


Discover Local Musicians On Reverbnation

Discover Local Musicians On Reverbnation

Become aware of local musicians

You’re invited to visit and connect with us at ReverbNation by going to If you have comments about ReverbNation or would like to share your fan or musician profile there please do that in the comments section below.

Video: Opportunities on ReverbNation – Video Description: At ReverbNation, we connect artists to the music industry through thousands of great opportunities. Play at festivals, license your music for video games, films, and TV, be heard on the radio, get featured in blogs or magazines, and more. There are hundreds of opportunities available, so get connected today.


  1. Reverbnation is a sneaky f**k. Signed up for a month of free subscription. All crap news sent to your email BUT NOT THE EXPIRATION OF FREE SUBSCRIPTION to make sure YOU GET CHARGED.

    1. Author

      Lyka, thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. Sorry to hear you got charged while just trying to have a free subscription. You should contact Reverbnation support and see if they can get the problem fixed.

  2. ReverbNation & how to skin small musicians

    So let me state some facts here about my terrible experience with ReverbNation. Solely to raise awareness about these activities.

    1. From the moment I had become a member, ReverbNation urged me to try to promote my music by using their tools and features. Naturally they only highlight the 3 day free trial and hide the small letters and conditions. A lot of companies do this, but still, there are limits to these shady ways of promoting. Let me explain:

    2. At first I was cautious about using my credit card, but what the heck. Whats the worst that can happen? Its a LEGAL platform and surely theyll have the decency to ASK ME if I would like to continue with a paying premium plan and clearly mention how much I would be paying. One would think that, right?

    3. Well, they dont! After the 3 day trial (I DID NOT GET ANY NOTIFICATIONS about payments) Reverberation started using my credit card details to take 70 DOLLARS EACH WEEK for something I presumably had signed up for. Fortunately I saw this when I received my bill from my MasterCard. Unfortunately, by then, ReverbNation had already taken 450 DOLLARS (!!) of my bank account without my permission or without even giving me the option to continue or cancel, which is usually standard procedure with online payments. Even your laptop asks you if you are sure you want to continue or cancel every time you click on something (I mean, come on!)

    4. When I addressed customer support with this misunderstanding, I was expecting some support (hence the name customer support) in this matter and hopefully some refunding, because I didnt even use these so called services I paid for. But no, over 3 times I received a standard reply referring to some small letters in a multi-paged agreement/disclaimer. Sorry, Im lying, I did get a refund offer of 19,95 eur (of 450 dollars) for some reason.

    5. Well there you go people. Thats whats wrong in todays society. Soul -and heartless companies that thrive on the backs of hard working people. Providing a dishonest service that highlights the join us! it’s free!, under cover of legal loopholes to ensure they get their money, with or without your permission. I think this is the exact definition of RACKETEERING (which is illegal by the way).

    ReverbNation, I hope you enjoy my money the way I would have enjoyed it.

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