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What is Quora? Quora Review

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What is Quora? Quora Review

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Quora: Your Source of Knowledge on the Internet

Quora is a question-and-answer website where users submit questions that will be answered, edited and then organized by the rest of the site’s community of users. Just like Wikipedia, it exists to create a system wherein content questions are monitored, created and built by its own users. At Quora you can get your questions answered and you can also demonstrate yourself as an expert on any given topic. This can be helpful for social networking and also for sending traffic to your content.

Quora Profile With Statistics

Quora Profile With Statistics

Quora Profile With Statistics


Quora was founded by 2 former employees of Facebook, Charlie Cheever and Adam D’Angelo. They created Quora thinking that question-and-answer is one of the many facets on the Internet where sites are abundant but none had actually come along really distinguishable or good. Quora’s user base quickly grew in the last quarter of year 2010.

Why People Use Quora

  • To ask questions and get answers

Many people consider Quora as a source of knowledge. It’s a site where anyone can ask questions of any kind and then get responses from real people with first-hand experience relative to the submitted queries.

  • To read questions, answers and blogs

There are over 400,000 topics to explore and create feeds of information at Quora. Many users search for information that relate to their respective interests.

Asking Questions At Quora

Asking Questions At Quora

Asking questions at Quora

  • To create and follow blogs

There also are people who use Quora to start their own blogs and share what they know about topics familiar to them.

Create A Blog At Quora

Create A Blog At Quora

Create or follow a blog at Quora


  • Following Topics

Quora takes on the same functionality as Twitter, where users are given the chance to follow topics and people. When signing in to a Quora account, users can browse for subjects of interest to them in the database. Once they find a question they like, they can follow the topic in order to receive updates on answers.

Follow Interesting Topics At Quora

Follow Interesting Topics At Quora

Follow topics that interest you

  • Activity Feed

In the activity feed can be found recent activities related to the contents being followed by users. Here will be displayed followed topics, questions and tagged answers. When other users are being followed, their activities will also be shown in the feed.

Activity Feed At Quora

Activity Feed At Quora

Your Quora activity feed

  • Sharing Questions and Answers

Another notable feature of the website is its sharing option. Users who want to build answers to a particular question can easily “ask for an answer” via email or Facebook.

  • Blogging

In January 2013, a blogging platform was launched by Quora. Through this platform, users are given the chance to blog about the relevant things they know in response to questions.

Follow Your Content At Quora

Follow Your Content At Quora

Blog and follow your content

Site Statistics

It wasn’t until December of 2010 when Quora’s user base rapidly picked up. By January of 2011, Quora already had some 500,000 registered users. Much of the website’s popularity was because of the favorable reception by the mainstream, which was, in turn, reinforced by features on The New York Times, Time, The Daily Telegraph UK and USA Today.

Future Trend

According to Robert Scoble, Quora is a website that has succeeded in its attempt to combine the best attributes of Facebook, Google Wave and Twitter, among others. However, its blogging service was still rendered horrid, especially when compared to other decent blogging services.

Even so, The Daily Telegraph still predicted that the website will grow even further in the near future and this is backed up by the New York Times naming the site one of the next generation multibillion dollar startups.


Although at first, Quora can be pretty intimidating with its thousands of generated contents, it is a very decent question-and-answer website that will really get you the information you need. Aside from it being an online service platform, it’s also a developing community of thought leaders that span from different industries – technology, biology, and everything in between.

Start small by first creating a profile and following just a few topics. Answer easy questions if you want as well. Let your experience with using Quora build over time and you are sure to grow fond of this impressive knowledge hub.

If you’re active at Quora you can connect with my profile at If you have comments about Quora or would like to share your blog or profile there just submit everything in the comments section below.

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