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What is Playfire? Playfire Review

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What is Playfire? Playfire Review

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How Cool is Playfire?

You’ve probably heard about it already as Playfire is creating a strong buzz in the gaming community due to its robust features and seamless functionalities.

It would be an understatement to say that it is popular with avid gamers. For those who don’t know about it yet (do you live under a rock?), here’s a rundown of its features.

  • Unique gamer profile
  • Track you and your friends’ game stats
  • Real time updates from other gamers
  • Rewards such as badges and others
  • Check out the most popular games of the week
  • Ask for help and tips in the community forum
  • Chat with other players
  • Show off your gaming achievements and gamercard
  • Connect and interact with friends through Facebook, Twitter and Xbox Live

What is Playfire and what makes it so cool?

In a nutshell, Playfire is a social networking platform aimed at gamers who want to connect to, share with and keep tabs on what’s going on with others.

After getting a killer profile, users can start tracking their stats, games, videos and updates about existing games and those which are yet to be launched.

They can also learn and share gaming tips and guides by finding discussions that are related to their interests.

Gamers can connect with others by inviting them or asking their friends to join through Facebook. Afterwards, you can also stay updated on your friends’ progress in the games they play and vice-versa.

How did Playfire come about?

The three founders, Kieran O’Neill, Seb Hayes, and Ben Phillips, set up the company in 2007 and were able to launch the private beta in March 2008.

Its predecessor would be PlayStation Universe which was a news and forums site that focused on the PlayStation 3.

Two of the founders had observed how gamers usually include details about their hobbies or personal background through their PSN ID.

There were also others who bothered to show the games they’ve recently played and other information in their signatures in forum posts.

That’s when the idea of Playfire came about as gamers are more likely to socialize with other players if given the proper platform.

A public beta then followed in June 2008 and as the first website to release a PlayStation gamecard, it did not take long for a huge number of gamers to sign up for the service.

Playfire hit the one million user mark in February 2012 and the range of unique site page visitors each month are reportedly in the fifty to two hundred fifty thousand range!

At the moment Playfire displays very impressive website traffic statistics. According to Alexa their global rank is 40,364 and their USA rank stands at 38,782!

Apparently the Playfire website is well liked and heavily used by an abundant diversity of internet traffic and this gives strong testimony to the significance of this platform.

Playfire Alexa Rank

Playfire Alexa Rank

Playfire is popular

In March 2011, Playfire introduced several features such as the automatic tracking of games from PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC gameplay.

Through an API partnership in September 2011, a Playfire user’s profile can be brought to GameSpot. A merge was also announced with Green Man Gaming on July 9, 2012, but Playfire remains independent despite the merger.

How is it different from other apps?

When analyzing what sets Playfire apart it is necessary to consider the other forerunners in gaming social networks such as Raptr and gamerDNA which also boast of their own high quality features.

What sets Playfire apart is that they can effectively provide real time game play to their users. Although there is still room for improvement, many players have attested as to how cool the features and functionalities are at Playfire.

Playfire excels with a unique diversity of offerings like the active community blog, the member’s discussion area, chat, top games of the week, gamecards show off your gaming and much more! This is truly a complete paradise of social activity for any avid gamer.

Gamercards Show Off Your Gaming

Gamercards Show Off Your Gaming

Show off your gamercard


Playfire Community Blog

Playfire Community Blog

Interesting community blog


Playfire Discussion Board

Playfire Discussion Board

Get game tips at the discussion board


Playfire Top Games Of The Week

Playfire Top Games Of The Week

Track the weekly top games

What’s the future trend?

As Green Man Gaming announced its launch for the Xbox One tracking beta for Playfire this month, it is expected to increase its stronghold further in social networks.

With this feature, Xbox One’s user base can take advantage of Playfire by tracking their achievements and Gamerscore but also keep tabs on the top Xbox One games and check out what their friends are up to.

Likewise, the Playfire community will also be able to view what games are popular on Xbox One and get buzzing about the latest releases and trends.

It is also worth noting that @GreenManGaming at Twitter boasts a strong social media presence with roughly 10k tweets and 32k + followers!

So you wouldn’t want to be left behind, right? Then hurry and jump on board the trend of social media for gamers by trying out Playfire today!

Be sure to take a few minutes to go and check out their site by visiting

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