What Is Instagram Instagram Review

What is Instagram? Instagram Review

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What is Instagram? Instagram Review

What Is Instagram Instagram Review

What Is Instagram Instagram Review

An Instagram Review with Trends & Predictions

Why Instagram Rocks

WOW! A mobile photography HTML5 project that was developed in San Francisco 3 years ago has now become a widely used global social networking site with more than 150 million users!

Based on our research, Instagram initially took off like a rocket in the middle of 2012 and has shown steady and stable growth throughout 2013. According to Alexa they are currently ranked #22 in the USA and #43 globally!

How Popular Is Instagram

How Popular Is Instagram

Instagram took off like a rocket about the middle of 2012

Instagram is undeniably one of the top social media applications nowadays. In fact, it was recognized by Apple Inc. as the “App of the Year” in 2011.

It comes with photo and video sharing and other social networking services that let users enjoy applying digital filters to their personal photos, confining them to square Polaroid-like images, and sharing them to Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.

This revolutionary social media application was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and was officially launched on October 2010.

Cool Things You Can Do with It

You can use hashtags, keywords that start with the sharp symbol, to let other users see your photos as well as discover other users worldwide who share similar interests.

There are also a lot of digital photographic filters that you can use to edit your pictures and make them look better before uploading them.

In June this year, Instagram released its video-sharing feature that enables users to post videos of not more than 15 seconds.

Other latest additions to this app’s features include the Weekend Hashtag Project, which involves a specific theme to encourage users to post creative photos following the given theme, and the Instagram Direct, which allows users to share photos to a specific group of people rather than making them viewable by all.

In December this year, Instagram announced their brand new feature, which is private photo-sharing and messaging. This feature comes with real-time text messaging that lets users communicate privately or start a conversation with a specific group.

Because of this feature, more and more smartphone owners can rely on Instagram when sharing photos and exchanging messages privately no matter where they and their friends are in the world.

Instagram Future Trends

2014 sees a much brighter future for Instagram. With an increasing number of social media users posting selfies, we think Instagram will be more influential in social networking next year and even in years to come.

We also believe that social media could become more visual in 2014, encouraging more people all over the world to take advantage of Instagram for sharing photos and videos.

We also anticipate an increase in the trend of sponsored posts, which means businesses should be more aggressive in using online photos and videos to market their products and services to online consumers, particularly Instagram users.

If your business is not already on the Instagram bandwagon the old saying, “you snooze you lose”, could apply!

It seems that Instagram is already anticipating this and has taken steps to help facilitate the move. Their handy API’s are already available for installing badges on your favorite webpage.

The API code can be built automatically at the Instragram website in just a few seconds. Once built the code can be placed on your webpage so that users can “click” your badge to navigate to your Instagram profile.

Instagram Badges API

Instagram Badges API

User friendly API’s are already available

Instagram has a lot of flexibility and can readily be installed on most all of the top mobile phone platforms.

In addition to that, they also have a really nice user interface that comes in the form of a full size layout which is great for use on your desktop, laptop or tablet. Both of these flexibility factors will contribute to good growth potential moving forward.

There is no doubt that Instagram is already one of the world’s top mobile applications and social networking sites today

If you have any questions or comments about Instagram or would like to share your photo sharing page there just add your comment below this post.

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