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What is Delicious?

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What is Delicious?

Delicious the Social Network for Sharing Web Pages

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Delicious the social network for sharing web pages

Delicious was formerly known as and it is a website founded by Joshua Schachter in the year 2003, which allows the users to save, share and discover bookmarks on the web.

Due to its unique and helpful approach to the generation, Delicious continued to become a popular product among people with an interest on internet, and the popularity made Yahoo! buy Delicious in the year 2005.

The website was later sold to AVOS Systems in the year 2011 and the deal brought many revolutionary changes to the website. Currently, Delicious is considered as the world’s largest social bookmarking website and its behavior as a social network, has allowed the website itself to keep its user base together.

Benefits, features and why you should use Delicious

This section of the article will highlight the importance of the presence of a social media like Delicious and why you should give it a try to feel the world of social bookmarking.

  • It helps you organize favorite content

As a social bookmarking website, the most obvious and the most important service provided by Delicious is that it allows you to save the links which are found across the World Wide Web, in a centralized location.

It is true that a web browser would do the same job, yet Delicious has its own reasons to make sure that it offers you much more than what a web browser offers.

Delicious Link Organizing

Delicious Link Organizing

Handily organize your links

  • Company-wide Delicious account brings employees closer

Have you got any educational or any other content which you think would be beneficial if it can be shared with your employees? If your answer is yes, Delicious is the ideal platform to achieve what you want.

The process of sharing content with Delicious among the staff is significantly an easier task as compared to emailing specific persons selected from your address book. In this case, all that you have to do is to maintain a company-wide Delicious account and share content which could be important for employees.

This provides the employees with the access to the bookmarks shared by the company, ultimately allowing company owners to share knowledge with employees in one of the easiest ways.

  • Tagging

With the tagging feature, you are never in danger of having to look for what you have done throughout your online life. In the event of a website being bookmarked in your Delicious account, you are provided with the feature of adding tags to the link. The tagging feature helps users categorize the web links according to custom categories the user prefers.

For example, if you put a comment on a certain website related to Games, you have the option to add tags such as Games, Comments, {Web Site Name} and any tag you prefer. With that feature, you are brought into the comfort zone of an efficient link finding procedure.

  • Making your presence in the World Wide Web

Do you have any sort of contents on the web which were either designed or created by you? At times, you might be asked to provide reference to designs crafted by yourself and at such occasions, it is important that you keep a link database to your creations.

Delicious can be easily used for such tasks and it provides the assurance that your links never die in the case of a threat that harms the operations of your personal computer.

In addition to that, unimportantly important content such as links to unused social profiles with your name also can be saved at Delicious with certain tags. For example, unused social media profiles can be saved with a tag name such as social media junk.

  • Share your bookmarks

Considered as one of the most important services offered by Delicious, its ability to share content with your friends has never been easier.

With Delicious, you are in full control over the sharing facilities of bookmarks and this provides you with the option of sharing all important bookmarks with your friends from just a simple set of steps. The web browsers in this case, do not provide you with the option of sharing bookmarks. For bookmarks sharing, either a direct URL or an RSS feed URL can be provided to make the task of sharing easier.

Delicious RSS Json Feeds

Delicious RSS Json Feeds

RSS & json feeds

  • Variety of useful apps

Delicious has enhanced the usability of this platform by making available a variety of useful apps. These apps serve to effectively integrate the platform into many widely used devices and interfaces such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Firefox OS and Firefox Android.

Delicious Apps

Delicious Apps

Useful apps

  • Blog page

Delicious makes an effort to stay in touch and in tune with their user base. This is accomplished through a useful and regularly updated blog platform. The blog is incorporated into the main site and is a great resource for anyone who uses their platform.

Delicious Blog Page

Delicious Blog Page

Helpful blog page

  • Export and import bookmarks

Delicious offers a very user friendly interface for importing and exporting bookmarks. Importing bookmarks is a great way to migrate things from your browsers into the platform.

Exporting bookmarks is a great way to create a shareable document which contains your bookmarks. Imported bookmarks can be controlled to be made public or private. When exporting bookmarks you have the options of whether or not to include your notes and tags.

Delicious Export Bookmarks Feature

Delicious Export Bookmarks Feature

Exporting bookmarks

Delicious Import Bookmarks Feature

Delicious Import Bookmarks Feature

Importing bookmarks

  • Help page & FAQs

Just in case you run into a problem or have a question there is an excellent FAQ page. You can use this to find answers to the most commonly asked questions. You can also use it to learn more about how to make full use of all the features of the platform.

Delicious Help Page FAQS

Delicious Help Page FAQS

Helpful FAQs

  • Network building

Delicious is a great way to network with others and this is truly a very viable social networking platform. They have gone to great lengths to provide a very user friendly help system to improve your networking efforts.

Delicious generates a list of potential connections based on your other social networks and also allows you to browse the list and follow them with just one mouse click.

Delicious Network Building

Delicious Network Building

Build your network

  • Webpage discovering

This platform can offer you a steady stream of very interesting website links. You can custom tailor this for maximum benefit as well. This is done by searching for and adding new subscriptions.

You can pinpoint subscriptions which will be of interest to you by making use of keywords which will filter everything for a perfect fit to your unique tastes.

Delicious Web Page Discovering

Delicious Web Page Discovering

Discover web pages

  • Social media integration

Delicious incorporates a brilliant integration of popular social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. Within the settings section you can click on the “social” tab and provide the linkages to your own social media profiles.

This in turn allows you to more quickly find and network at Delicious with people you are already connected to elsewhere.

Delicious Social Media Integration

Delicious Social Media Integration

Integrate your social media profiles

  • Useful tools

The platform offers numerous very useful tools that can benefit you. The browser bookmarklet lets you grab web pages on the fly from your browser bar.

They also provide code that allows you to add a “Save this on Delicious” button to your website or blog so your visitors can easily push your content right into this platform.

Delicious Useful Tools

Delicious Useful Tools

Many useful tools


If you are not already making use of Delicious maybe you should reconsider. Chances are you may not have tried it out or possibly you were just unaware of the many benefits.

If you are a Delicious user or have comments or suggestions for this article we would love to hear from you and just jump right in and start a new comment on this post.

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