What Is Ask.com? What Does It Do?

What is Ask.com about and what does it do?

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What Is Ask.com About And What Does It Do?

Ask (Ask.com) has been around since 1996 and used to be called Ask Jeeves. As the name would imply the main focus of this community revolves around the asking and answering of a wide variety of questions. Ask has some very impressive traffic showing up on Alexa at #31 globally and #37 in the USA!

What Is Ask.com? What Does It Do?

What Is Ask.com? What Does It Do?

Ask provides different forms of use and entertainment to its various users. Personally, I enjoy answering questions there as I like to help people. I also find it entertaining to read some of the bizarre and ridiculous questions and answers! I have had a very good laugh or two just browsing the questions and answers.

So to answer the questions what is Ask about and what does it do:

  • Ask questions
  • Answer questions
  • Research topics
  • Entertainment
  • Networking

Ask has a social media side to it as you can import your other social media connections. You can also reach out and connect to other Ask users. This allows you to follow their activity.

This is a cool feature as you can connect to and follow attorneys, doctors and other professionals. If you choose to do so Ask has the ability to export your activity to other social media networks.

It is free to join and use the service and you have a variety of settings to enhance your user experience. You can change the theme, control your privacy, create a profile with an image and so forth.

If you answer enough questions with good and helpful answers you can become as a well-known community expert.

If you like to help people by sharing your knowledge, if you have some question you would like to get an answer for or if you simply want to read for entertainment or learning I suggest you go and create an account at Ask so you can see for yourself what they have to offer.

So how is this connected to social media marketing? How is Ask.com connected to digital marketing and how can I use it to promote my business? The answer here is: By providing amazing answers on topics you gain notoriety as an expert in a given field. Past that, when answering questions you have the opportunity to place links pointing back to your web pages and content. This can gain you some great site traffic and inbound clicks from people who are interested in the topics you cover.

Ask.com Screen Shot

Ask.com Screen Shot

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