How To Add Blogger Gadgets

What Is A Blogger Blog?

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What Is A Blogger Blog?

Blogger: The Best for Starting Bloggers

Looking for a blogging platform to use? Well, there are many different platforms to check out there. There’s Tumblr, WordPress, LiveJournal and SquareSpace to consider, among others. But one that you might want to start out with that has been on the internet for the longest time is Blogger.


Blogger was first started by a small San Francisco-based company in August of 1999. Things didn’t start grand though. It was basically run by 3 friends who got funded by doing contract web projects for several bigger companies. Their goal was to create their own entrance into the cyberworld.

With some time and effort, Blogger eventually took off and became even bigger over the years. There were rough goings throughout the adventure but everything turned up all worth it when Google took interest in acquiring the site.

In 2002, Google bought Blogger and has since focused on helping people represent themselves on the internet as well as on organizing the world’s information from their own perspective.

Why People Use Blogger

Blogger, as its name suggests, is a blogging platform that people generally use for two reasons. These are:

  • To share stories and build an audience

People typically use Blogger to share more of their stories to people they genuinely care about. With the recent Google+ integration, it has even become much faster and easier to reach as many new readers as possible and get them participating in conversations that posts may inspire.

  • To earn money

Blogger features several income-generating tools that users can take advantage of. Whether it’s Google AdSense or some other ad relevant to them, users get to choose where they want their ads to go and what they want these to look like.

Earn Money With Blogger

Earn Money With Blogger

Easily monetize your Blogger blog!


With many different blogging platforms existing online today, Blogger has remained as one of the best mainly because it has amazing features that are unique to itself. Some of its most noteworthy features are:

  • Customizable Design

Other blog sites tend to limit users by offering only ready-fixed themes. With Blogger, however, it’s different. Standard Blogger templates have customizable elements, allowing you to be more creative with your blog header, backgrounds, fonts, labels and even the colors.

Customize Your Blogger Blog Appearance

Customize Your Blogger Blog Appearance

Fully customize your Blogger blog appearance

  • Blogger Gadgets

Especially for people who love showcasing their work, the Blogger gadgets become especially useful. For instance, you can put on your sidebar gadgets such as “Picture Links” which allows guests to click linked photos, and “Popular Posts” which show the blog’s most viewed posts.

How To Add Blogger Gadgets

How To Add Blogger Gadgets

Choose from a large assortment of Blogger gadgets

  • Social Media Sharing Options

Blogger gives users the option to include social media sharing buttons on their posts. This makes for an easier way to let others know that you have just updated your blog site, thus bringing more traffic in.

Sharing Blogger Posts

Sharing Blogger Posts

Share your Blogger posts with just a mouse click

  • Free without Ads

To many, unwanted ads can be such a clutter to pages. Luckily, Blogger doesn’t run ads on blogs which users have no control of.

  • Google Support and Integration

Because Blogger is now part of Google, Blogger blogs are readily supported by Google’s vast resources. This means that upon making your own Blogger account, it will automatically be integrated with Google+, Apps, Google Drive, Adsense, Feedburner, Picassa Web Albums and many more.

Future Trend

With other more popular blogging platforms online such as Tumblr and WordPress, Blogger remains to be competing to stay on top of the blogging niche. Its most recent update was the launching of its mobile application. Now, users can post, edit, and share links on Blogger using their mobile phones. The update was a progress alright, but we have yet to see what else they can come up with to outdo their lots of competition.


Blogger is a great blogging platform especially for people who look for functionality and free use. It has great SEO options (well, it’s part of Google!) and offers more flexibility in terms of blog designing/coding. Plus, with Blogger, you won’t have to worry about bandwidth or security. It is backed up by Google’s security system and spam screening so your blog is fairly safe from hacking or annoying spams.

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