Social Media Benefits the Elderly

Social Media Benefits The Elderly

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Some research suggests that social media benefits the elderly

Social Media Benefits the Elderly

Social Media Benefits the Elderly

It is well known that millennials, young people and others have flocked to social media in recent years. Consider Facebook with more than 1 billion users and other platforms with 100’s of millions of users!

What is rarely discussed is the connection between the elderly population and social media. While it’s true that the elderly may not be engaged with the technology it is also true that they could get worthwhile benefits!

A recent article at The Guardian points out that research has concluded that the elderly can experience mental health benefits by using social media.

Apparently the mental stimulation and social interaction is a good thing. It would be worthwhile if those that provide care for the elderly would take note of this research. Past that the caregivers should consider implementing social media activity for those that they care for.

Please watch the video below so that you can learn more about bridging the generation gap between senior citizens and young people as a critical part of building a healthy and strong community. Seniors and Social Media was a program that brought students and seniors from Halton together to experience the benefits of intergenerational mentorship and social media.

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