Myspace For Music- Lovers Musicians And Bands

Myspace Review

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Myspace Review

Myspace: Where Music Lovers Unite

Myspace For Music- Lovers Musicians And Bands

Myspace For Music- Lovers Musicians And Bands

Myspace for music lovers, musicians, artists and bands

Today, you’d find a lot of niche-specific social networks on the internet. But when it comes to music, Myspace can be considered the granddaddy of them all. It was a platform that successfully blended the art of social networking along with passion for music.

Yes, some people used the site purely for making new friends and catching up with old ones, however, the powerful influence it had on musicians – both new and aspiring – was unquestionable.

A number of artists, those established ones and those still starting out – created profiles on the site and interacted with their followers. It was a good way for music lovers to keep updated with their favorite artists while also discovering new ones to listen to.

Bear in mind that I do social media every day… it pays some bills. I am well versed in dozens of platforms. With all that said, what do you think is my very favorite social media location? Is it Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Nope, none of those. My favorite social platform is Myspace. Now what you think I’m off my rocker? LOL!!! Other social choices are okay but for me Myspace has no equal. Myspace is void of that constant stream of drama… At Myspace I listen to music and relax and for me that is as good as it gets. πŸ˜‰

How Myspace Came to Be

A couple of eUniverse employees who also had accounts on Friendster decided to mimic the most well-known features of the site. They used ColdFusion to develop the first version of Myspace. The people in charge of the project were Brad Greenspan, Chris DeWolfe, Josh Berman, and Tom Anderson, as well as other programmers.

The first members of Myspace were employees of eUniverse. When the site was open to the public, DeWolfe suggested that a fee be charged for using the service. However, Greenspan thought that keeping the platform free of charge would help make it into a successful community.

It turned out to be true, and Myspace quickly gained popularity among teenagers and young adults. From 2005 until the early part of 2008, the site became of the most visited social networking sites in the whole world. In fact, In June 2006, it surged ahead of Google as the most visited site in America.

However, all of these things changed in April 2008 when it was overtaken by Facebook. Since that time, its number of users has declined despite several revisions to make it better.

In June 2011, musician/actor Justin Timberlake and Specific Media Group jointly purchased Myspace. Under this new leadership, the company underwent several layoffs and reduced staff members from thousands down to 200.

As of June 2013, the site was ranked 303 based on total web traffic, and it ranked 223 in the US alone.

Artists such as the Arctic Monkeys, Lily Allen, and Owl City gained popularity through Myspace.

What Users Get Out of Myspace

  • The Social Aspect.

Of course, being a social network, the power to meet new online friends and keep in touch with old ones is at its core. You can post an update and include a photo with that update. Basically, just like any other social network. However, what makes it a bit different is the choice to upload music along with your status update.

Making Social Connections At Myspace

Making Social Connections At Myspace

Arnel Pinada of Journey.

Just like any other social network, you can comment and share content. You can also β€œConnect” – the equivalent of a like – with different posts.

  • Making Connections.

You can find connections by connecting your Myspace to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Another option would be to use the search feature.

    The Stream.

Updates from your connections will appear in your stream. You can only customize your stream to what type of content you want to see, be it everything, or just posts, videos, or photos.

Having Fun With Your Myspace Stream

Having Fun With Your Myspace Stream

Your Myspace Stream is your finger on the pulse

  • Music Discovery.

Find new artists and songs to listen to.

Social Networking With Myspace

Social Networking With Myspace

Social Networking – Music Discovery and more

  • Creating a Mix.

Basically, these are playlists that contain tracks that you like. You can also share Mixes with your connections.

Organize Your Favorite Music With Myspace Mixes

Organize Your Favorite Music With Myspace Mixes

Organize your music categorically with mixes

  • Trending Page.

This contains articles on different entertainment topics.

  • Video.

Myspace also supports video and plays them in the entire browser window. However, this can be reduced into a smaller one if you navigate away.

For the Mobile Audience

Given that social networks also have mobile app versions, the same goes for Myspace. It is available for iOS devices.

With other more popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, why should you even consider Myspace? If you love music, are interested in finding new talent to listen to, and want to make friends with other music lovers, then Myspace is definitely the platform for you.

Let me just say that for me I delve into and am active in a few dozen social media networks. Of all of those Myspace is my own personal favorite. I am simply enamored with the beautiful flow of the interface and of course I am incredibly passionate about music. I often times use the music player feature to listen to my favorite songs for hours.

If you would like to discuss anything about Myspace just add a comment below this post. If you would like to share your Myspace profile with us we would be happy to talk about that also.

You are always welcome to circle or engage us at Myspace by visiting

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