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Really, you can call it anything you want as long as we are in agreement that it is some form(s) of marketing that will benefit your business goals!

Whether you sell via e-commerce or you are a local, national or international business you need more customers to be successful.

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So Yeah We Are A Marketing Agency..
But What Advertising Services Can We Provide?

As Far As We Know... Than Any Other Advertising Agency In Kansas City.

Our Services:

  • Blog Posting Services

    Does your blog look like a ghost town because you just don’t have enough time to keep it updated regularly? By using our blogging service you can concentrate on other things and leave the heavy lifting to us. We’ll keep your blog moving right along and we’ll boost it out there for more visibility using social media and bookmarking sites.

  • Content Development Services

    We are experts at a variety of content development tasks. It’s no problem for us to take care of your creative writing, logos, graphics, photography and video development. We’ll happily edit what you provide us or if need be we can shoot photos and videos at your location and then edit them as needed at our location.

  • Domain Name Services

    We’ve been handling domain names for a very long time now. If you need to research and purchase a domain name we’ve got you covered. If you’re needing to transfer a domain name we’ll make that a painless process for you. Finally, we can handle any and all of your domain name management tasks like renewals, contact info updates, DNS zones, etc.

  • Email Marketing Services

    Email marketing begins with generating a legitimate list and this is something we’re very good at. In order to get good results you’ll need an amazing layout and design and we can take care of that also. Finally, we’ll provide you with results tracking and analysis so you can understand the effectiveness of your email campaigns and make adjustments as needed.

  • Keyword Research Services

    Keyword research should be step one for any type of marketing effort that you do. Did you know that a search for “auto insurance” happens 110,000 times a month whereas a search for “car insurance happens 201,000 times a month? When you hire us to do extensive keyword research you’ll be able to maximize your marketing efforts by using the best choice of keywords.

  • Local Citation Services

    Local citation listings have become more important and especially with so many mobile searchers looking for businesses near their location. It can be very time consuming to create dozens of listings at places like Google My Business, Bing Places For Business, Foursquare, Yelp, etc. For a very reasonable fee we’ll do a professional job creating all of them for you.

  • Search Engine Marketing Services - SEM

    Over the years we’ve worked very hard to perfect our pay per click search engine marketing skills. As a result, we’ve been rewarded by Google with a Certified Google Partner Status. Also, Bing has recognized our skill by giving us Bing Ads Accredited Professional Status. Rest assured that we can offer you high performance business advertising with a focus on ROI.

  • Search Engine Optimization Services - SEO

    When people search online does your business show up? The phone book is no longer in use and people can’t find you in today’s world if you’re not prominently displayed at or near the top of page one. As far as we know, we’re the only SEO agency in Kansas City with enough confidence to offer a money back guarantee. We can help you to be seen and found.

  • Small Business Marketing Services

    We understand the concerns of small business because we are a small business. Our small business marketing packages start for as little as $500 per month. We’ll take time to learn your target market, products/services and competitors so that we can build a comprehensive strategy that will achieve your business goals. It’s more affordable than you think.

  • Social Media Marketing Services

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock you understand how big social media has become. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Instragram have all become household words. Whether you’re looking to create a page, build up your fan base, post and engage with users or pay for social media marketing we can provide exceptional service.

  • Video Marketing Services

    Video marketing is increasingly on the rise. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and you can advertise videos there for a very low price. We can shoot your videos on location and then edit them for maximum impact. We can also provide effective marketing for them through a variety of channels. We also offer 3D video production.

  • Web Design Services

    If you need a new state-state-of-the-art website we can build it for you. If your existing website needs some updates we can handle that also. If you’re looking for E-commerce we’ve got you covered. Every website we build is optimized for mobile devices and SEO from day one. We have a long and growing list of happy clients and would love to add you to the mix!

  • Web Hosting Services

    Sure, you can find do-it-yourself web hosting for $6-$10 per month but you will be faced with doing everything yourself. You will also be a grain of sand on their beach while you wait on hold for 30-60 minutes when you need assistance. Our fully managed web hosting packages are geared for small business owners just like you. You’ll love the service and price.

Well? Hmmmm...

We Do Have Some Impressive Credentials…

Like one

And One

Bing Ads Accredited Professonial Status

And Some Cool Certifications…

  • Google Adwords Certification
  • Google Adwords Advanced Display Certification
  • Google Video Advertising Certification
  • Google Adwords Advanced Search Certification
  • Google Adwords Advertising Fundamentals Certification
  • Microsoft Windows Application Compatibility and Migration Certification
  • Microsoft Licensing Office 2013 and Office 365 Certification
  • Microsoft Cloud Services: Office 365 Update Certification
  • Microsoft Volume Licensing Enterprise Agreement and Microsoft Office 365 Pricing Certification
  • Microsoft Selling Microsoft Office 365 to Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMBs) for Executives Certification
  • Microsoft The Microsoft Office 365 Business Opportunity for Systems Integrators (SIs) Certification
  • Microsoft Licensing Fundamentals Certification
  • Microsoft Licensing SQL Server 2012 Certification
  • Microsoft Licensing Windows Server 2012 Certification
  • Microsoft Private Cloud Licensing Certification
  • Microsoft Licensing Windows 8 Certification
  • Microsoft System Center 2012: Licensing Overview Certification
  • Microsoft Office 365 Pricing and Licensing and updated EA Certification
  • Microsoft Office 365 for VARS: Competition and Objection Handling for Small and Medium sized Business Certification
  • Microsoft How to Sell Microsoft Office 365 to Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMBs) for Sales Representatives Certification
  • Microsoft Overview of Online and On-Premise Functional Comparison for Microsoft Office 365 Certification
  • Microsoft Office 365 Practice Accelerator Training Kit Certification
  • Microsoft Office 365 Partner Overview Certification

And We’ve Had Some Recognition…

Like one

And One

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015

Best of 2015 – Website Redesign Services in Kansas City
These professionals have received great reviews from Thumbtack customers for projects related to website redesign services in Kansas City, MO.

Best Web Designers in Kansas City
BestWeb Designers in Kansas City

What Do Our Customers Say?…

“Mark has gone above and beyond with any web help we have requested. He is very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend him for any internet needs. He is a veteran with an exceptional service/work ethic. He gets the job done!”Linda C. | Independence College of Cosmetology
“Polymath is possibly the best best word to describe Mark. Renaissance man works too. Most people who try to excel in multiple arenas become what people call a “Jack of all trades, master of none”, but there are a few strange birds out there who can manage it.

Mark Guertin, the SEO and digital marketing wizard behind Kansas City’s Impact Social Media doesn’t simply “manage” his skillset. He’s perfected the art of web design, SEO and social media marketing to a degree I still can’t wrap my brain around.

The quality of the websites I’ve seen him develop runs deeper than the vast majority of marketers and web designers can begin to conceptualize.

I think his sleek, eye-magnet sort of design is easy to appreciate, but what really impressed me was the speed, power and efficiency that lies under the hood of the websites he builds.

Every website I’ve delved into has had some kind of debilitating problem, because most web designers don’t know how to weave lightening speed and powerhouse SEO into the code of the website. They simply just it pretty and leave it to rot. That’s not craftsmanship.

That’s why I thoroughly appreciate what I’ve learned from Mark. He’s the da Vinci of website development (except he follows through on all of his work), and I really can’t stress that enough.

Apparently, specialization really is for insects. Not to say that he’s not a specialist — it’s just that his river of knowledge runs deep in more than one web developing ability.

Just chat with him over lunch and you’ll see what I mean — every time I talk with him it’s like drinking from a fire hydrant — I’ve learned more from Mark than I have from anyone in the industry, and I’ve been working with SEO engineers and a wide variety of marketers, social media managers, and web designers for years.

Success really does follow quality, and I’m glad to have proof in the work of Mark and Impact Social Media. It’s something I’ve been emulating since I started working with him, and his “top quality, nothing less” mentality will stick with me forever.

It’s been nothing but a glorious adventure of improvement working with him and mimicking his work ethic, and I’m looking forward to much more.”Josh Rueff | Golden Ratio Content

“This company is amazing! They take excellent care of us!”Jana W. | Professional Beauty Products
“Your the best.”James C. | Spirit of Life House
“I was so frustrated with GoDaddy, I didn’t know where to go, until a friend referred me to Mark at Impact Social Media in Kansas City.

I can’t begin to state how grateful I am to Mark! He invited me to his office, reviewed my needs for web hosting, optimal keywords for my business and we laid out the best course of action to getting my site to generate traffic.

He is incredibly knowledgeable and never charged me a penny for consultation or questions I had. I am fairly self sufficient when it comes to amateur web design, which was made so easy with his web site building tools and he made switching my web hosting from GoDaddy to his web servers so easy.

I immediately noticed an improvement in the traffic my site was getting due to the SEO tools available in the site builder tool. Never had a problem with a down site, my pages load incredibly fast.

I can’t begin to say enough of how much I appreciate his services. As my local business continues to grow, I am definitely going to ask him to redesign my site. I was so impressed by his eye for graphics, web site design, and SEO…

When I am ready for a professional website redesign and someone to manage my social media needs, I am going to Impact Social Media. It will be worth every dollar, his free advice and consultations have already made a huge impact in my website generating new business. Thank you Mark!”Michael Spindler | Spindler Computer Services

“I can’t thank Impact enough for the phenomenal results we have gotten on our website! The staff is very professional and always a pleasure to work with!”Joni Clark | Starfish Project
“Love how Impact Social Media has helped with the AdWords for our charity Paws 4 Autism. Mark is the best to work with!!! No way would I have done it without him!”Terri Wible | Paws 4 Autism
“Thank you Mark for all your help. Love the logo and one on one you gave me.”Crystal Poterbin | Seven Hippie Sisters
“Marky Guertin did a great job on my website. I searched and searched
for the recipe of a good web man. Marky Guertin is definitely the best I found!!!”John C. | Energy Enhancement Ministries

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