Word collage with words like research, analysis, study, interpretation, etc. and has a hand with a finger pointing and a blue background

How To Choose A Domain Name

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How To Choose A Domain Name

How To Choose A Domain Name

Description:  Domain name research is used to discover and analyze data in an effort to make a wise and informed purchasing decision when choosing a domain name. This can be very beneficial if you are purchasing a new domain name, an existing domain name or even pusher domain names. If your target is a new or pusher domain you need solid information so you can be optimized for keywords, relevancy and SEO. If your target is an already owned domain name, high quality research will equip you with all the information you need to approach, negotiate and purchase the domain from the existing owner.


Word collage with words like research, analysis, study, interpretation, etc. and has a hand with a finger pointing and a blue background

Impact Social Media for Domain Name Research


I.  How To Choose A Domain Name Overview

    1.  What is domain name research?

         Domain research and analysis revolves around gathering data and then thoughtfully sifting that data. A variety of techniques and tools are used to discover and crunch the information that is required for a thorough analysis.

         Depending on the purpose of the research different approaches are used. If you are choosing a new domain name or pusher domain name then the research will be geared to determine the words and combinations of words that will give you the most impact.

         If you are looking to negotiate and purchase an already owned domain name then the research will be geared to determine as much information as possible about the owner of the domain and the domain itself. The research will attempt to determine the owner’s type, investment and interests and the domains age, success rate, traffic count, market value etc.

    2.  Why do I need it?

         The first comment I would make here is that you always need all the help you can get! The internet has become very saturated and competitive. Properly choosing the best domain name can make a difference in the short term and long term. Your domain name is a long term commitment and investment so you want to choose the best possible name and good research will help you to do just that.

         If you are purchasing domain names to create “pusher” websites to push traffic to your main website the same philosophy applies. The better your research the better you will be equipped to buy pusher domain names that will have the most impact. The entire purpose of a pusher site is to grab search engine traffic and route it to your main site. Good research will help you select domain names that will best accomplish this objective.

         If you want to purchase an already owned domain then research is your friend. Is the owner just a regular person, domain investor or cybersquatter? It makes a difference, it matters. Is the domain 3 months old or 12 years old? That matters too. How about success, does the domain have 40 visitors a month or 400,000? This also makes a big difference and the list goes on. The more you know about the domain you wish to purchase and the owner of it the better equipped you will be to approach them and negotiate with them.

    3.  Why Impact Social Media?

         We have a great deal of experience at domain researching because we have been doing it for a very long time. We also have access to and use a variety of tools and techniques which give excellent results.

         Another reason to use us is because it lifts the burden off of you trying to do it yourself. Your energy would be better used if you focus on the important issues of your business that only you can attend to. Past that, when you use us we are taking an unbiased approach to the research and results. In other words we will not bend data or try to force a round peg into a square hole.

         By this I mean you may have your heart set on some domain name and therefore could be biased. Also, you could have your heart set on negotiating a purchase for some existing domain name. In both of these instances you are going to be under the temptation to have a biased research or conclusion. Because we approach everything from an objective viewpoint you will get a more accurate and unbiased analyses which will better serve you in the long run.

II.  Types Of Domain Name Research

    1.  Existing domain name

         The first thing I would like to do is point you to an article I wrote which is focused on the strategies and techniques of negotiating a purchase for an already owned domain name. You can find it at the following URL: http://impactsocialmedia.net/who-owns-domain/buy-a-website/

         Any time you are looking to go after an existing and already owned domain name you need to do extensive research and analysis. This will equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to approach and attempt a successful negotiation.

         The research will be focused on many things to include details about the domain owner and details about the site. Concerning the owner you need to determine what type of an owner they are, as in random owner, domain investor or cybersquatter. You will also need to determine as many details as possible about the website. This would include the age, page ranking, traffic statistics, length of time until renewal, approximate level of investment and approximate fair market value, etc.

    2.  New domain name

         If you are looking to buy a new domain name, research and analysis can really pay off for you. This is because your domain name faces many dynamics that will affect it. These dynamics include, keyword content, keyphrase content, keyword competitiveness, relevancy, location targeting, demographics targeting and more.

         A professional research and analysis will investigate all the items mentioned above plus check to find out what is available. The analysis will also make recommendations for possible alternate or additional domain names so you will have flexibility and more options. Lastly, this undertaking will verify that a given name choice will not bring about negative legal implications by imposing on another’s copyright or trademark.

    3.  Pusher domains

         Let me start off by explaining what a “pusher domain” is just in case you are not familiar with the term. A pusher domain is an additional domain name and website that you own. It makes use of SEO elements and SEO implementation to grab search engine hits and draw traffic. That drawn traffic is then hopefully routed towards and into your main website.

         Research and analysis for a pusher domain will be very similar to that which is used for a new domain. A few elements are added due to the nature of the pusher domain. Firstly, a thorough traffic analysis, keyword analysis and search engine performance check need to be done for your home website.

         All of the accumulated data is then used to analyze and determine the most effective domain names to draw and route traffic to your main site. This can make use of your most popular and successful keywords and phrases but it can also be used to boost and enhance your least successful keywords and key phrases.

         Let me give you an illustration of this concept. Let us say your home website is called billswelding.com. You are a local business and your customers are in the greater Kansas City, MO. area. Your keywords and phrases are Tig welding, Mig welding and Kansas City. Research and analysis shows that you are not performing well on your search engine traffic for these keywords and keyphrases even though you have implemented SEO.

         Enter the pusher domains and you go out and purchase the following domain names, kctigwelding.com, kcmigwelding.com, kcwelding.com, kansascitywelding.com, kansascitymigwelding.com and kansascitytigwelding.com. You now build a 3-5 page site at those pusher domains and implement good SEO techniques. Each of those pusher sites is a stand-alone site albeit they also have content and links on their pages that are there to coerce or push the viewer to your main home website.

         My favorite analogy of this is a true story of when I was a little boy and would go fishing with my Uncle. He always caught a lot more fish than me and he always was happy to rub that in. There we would sit on the bank at night with the lantern glowing waiting for the fish to bite. Not by coincidence mind you, I had ONE fishing pole baited and cast out into the water whereas my Uncle would have 7 poles baited and cast out into the water! I do not remember even 1 night where I ever did as well as him.

         Having pusher domains is akin to fishing like my Uncle wherein you cast out 7 different poles and 7 different baits and then wait for a bite. When you compete with others who cast out 1 pole and 1 bait there is a very high likelihood that you will always come out on top. When you factor the cost of buying and setting up pusher domains and pusher sites it becomes clear that the cost of doing so can be a very wise investment indeed!

         We have provided a lot of helpful resources when it comes to all things concerning domain names. You are more than welcome to make use of some or all of these resources at any time.

         You can find all of our helpful online video tutorials at this URL: http://impacthelp.impactsocialmedia.net/

         You can find our web page What is a domain name at this URL: http://impactsocialmedia.net/domain-names/what-is-a-domain-name/

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         You can find our web page about How to transfer a domain name at this URL:


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         Your domain name is one of the most important elements of your entire digital presence and we want to be sure that you get it right the first time. Contact us today if you need professional assistance.

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