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GamerDNA: The Gaming Community of True Gamers

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What is Gamer DNA? Gamer DNA Review

GamerDNA: The Gaming Community of True Gamers

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Guess what? Avid gamers can make great use of gaming social networks where they can interact and acquire information that will help them with their gaming needs.

One such channel that is rapidly gaining popularity these days is gamerDNA. The fact that you are curious about it must mean news has reached your ears and now you’re considering trying it out. Well, you’ve arrived at the right place. Here, we’ll discuss just what gamerDNA is and how exactly it can help you.

What is gamerDNA?

For starters, gamerDNA is social media for gamers. Think of it as a Facebook or MySpace but specifically for online gamers. Here, you will discover what the newest games in the market are or when your most awaited video games will be available in stores. GamerDNA has no shortage of visitors based on the strong traffic report which we found at Alexa.

Gamer DNA Site Traffic

Gamer DNA Site Traffic


Gamer DNA is an online gaming portal with special tools that filter information based on the interests of users or gamers. Some of these tools include:

  • An automated game tracker for Steam, Xbox Live and Xfire
  • A rich database of games which provides search results based on specified game elements such as tone, game mechanics and settings
  • Quizzes like the Bartle Test aimed to help players identify the game play aspects they are interested in and then connect with others who have similar interests

You can quickly search for games by category and then at a glance you can see important details to help you be better informed. A very cool feature is how gamerDNA makes you aware of which games are currently trending.

Gamer DNA Trending Games

Gamer DNA Trending Games

Also, at Gamer DNA, you can actually tag yourself with information such as server names, games played or guild affiliations. Doing so will make it easier for you to find people you might have played with before, guilds you are interested in joining or other gamers of similar game style as you. This helps you to find and network with other games that have the same interests as you.

How did gamerDNA start?

Contrary to what some have speculated, gamerDNA is not a newly released item. In fact, 7 long years have already gone by since its first launch. The company behind this gaming portal was founded in the year 2006 by Jon Radoff. It was known as GuildCafe back then. In April of 2008, however, the company decided to rename itself to GamerDNA Inc.

In the next year, 2009, GamerDNA Inc. was acquired by the Crispy Gamer. Later on, it had a merger with Live Gamer. During the first quarter of 2011, the site,, was run and maintained by PlayXpert. Then in July that same year, Live Gamer Inc. acquired Crispy Gamer and thus, the entire website operation fell into the hands of Live Gamer Inc.

How can gamerDNA help gamers?

  • Building connections

Just as Facebook, Twitter, and other similar social networks help people connect, so does gamerDNA. The only difference is that gamerDNA is specifically directed to gaming enthusiasts. By joining in, you can share information with gamers who have similar interests as you. You can also join guilds and even take part in various community activities and they also have a community discussion forum.

  • Acquiring gaming information

If you are new to a game, getting information can prove to be quite a challenge, right? With this info-sharing community and social media for gamers, this can become as easy as one mouse click. This can help you to learn tips and tricks or even find information on how to clear a difficult level or section.

  • Forming groups beyond the gaming community

GamerDNA is more unique as compared to other gaming social networks in that it allows its members to organize and form guild or clan-oriented groups. This is made easier with their features for roster management, event scheduling and even private communication.

Predicted Future Trend

There really is nothing else to expect other than the audience for gamerDNA to expand further and especially since the gaming industry is yet to reach its peak.

Plus, because this gaming portal takes on the structure of a social network, the reach, effectiveness and engagement it promotes will lead to one result and that is progress for the gaming community.

For gamerDNA it is a bright path ahead, where the platform encourages gaming involvement and where the gaming industry fuels a need for a social gaming platform such as this.

If you have questions about gamerDNA or have something to add or share here please feel free to comment below this post.

If you are into gaming we suggest you go check things out for yourself by visiting

Gamer DNA Home Page

Gamer DNA Home Page

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