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DatPiff: The Authority in Free Mixtapes

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DatPiff: The Authority in Free Mixtapes

Social Media Marketing For Musicians and Bands

See them on the web at http://datpiff.com/

DatPiff the Social Media Community for Music Promoters, Artists and Fans

Music artists and promoters who need to boost downloads for their mixtapes often resort to promoting their music on mixtape hosting websites. And one such website that has been gaining popularity through the years is DatPiff.

If you haven’t yet heard of DatPiff, it is an online mixtape distribution platform that’s owned by Idle Media Inc. Launched in 2005, it is headquartered in Leesport, Pennsylvania and rose to become known for specializing in Rap and Hip Hop music.

What’s so great about DatPiff?

  • Free Downloads

One of DatPiff’s prime features is its being open to free downloads. Even unregistered users are able to download free of charge any mixtape submitted to the site as long as this has been sponsored.

A sponsorship on DatPiff costs $50 and this has to be provided by the artist himself. This sponsorship doesn’t only guarantee that the music can be downloaded by anyone, but also that the artist is featured on the site’s homepage. It’s indeed a great opportunity to build a fan base and attract new site visitors.

Datpiff Mix Tape Free Download

Datpiff Mix Tape Free Download

You gotta love free music downloads!

  • Quality Submissions

When artists first upload their music, all media contents, including the cover art, will be screened by DatPiff. This way, the site can ensure that only quality music will be uploaded and that the artists themselves have ownership or privilege to use the music media being uploaded. Almost always, submissions are immediately approved but signing up for sponsorship is necessary for these to be downloadable by anyone.

  • Music Ranking

If a music submission happens to receive a good amount of listens within 24 hours, DatPiff will be moving it higher on its homepage. It may even get placed under the category, “Today’s Top 8”.

Datpiff Mix Tape Todays Top 8

Datpiff Mix Tape Todays Top 8

Top 8 Mix Tapes

  • The Spotlight and Featured Mixtape Category

Artists who want their mixtapes highlighted on the site may also request DJs to place their submissions under the “Spotlight” category. Those who want even more attention and visibility can pay $300 for their submissions to land on the “Featured Mixtape” category which is located at the topmost part of the homepage. This special feature duration lasts for about a week or 7 days.

Datpiff Mix Tape Featured

Datpiff Mix Tape Featured

Featured Mix Tapes

Datpiff Mix Tape Spotlight

Datpiff Mix Tape Spotlight

Spotlight Mix Tapes

  • Free Music Streaming

Mixtapes can be streamed by all users. When it comes to downloading, however, registered users are allowed to download only a limited amount of non-sponsored mixtapes per day. If you want to gain access to unlimited downloading, you will have to register as a premium paid user.

Datpiff Mix Tape Streaming Player

Datpiff Mix Tape Streaming Player

Built In Music Player

  • Interact With Artists

One very cool thing about DatPiff is that you can interact with your favorite artists! You can also, link, embed, rate favorite and comment on the music there. When you comment, sometimes the artists will respond back to you and you can engage in a dialogue with them! Past that you have the ability to further connect with them by “following” their profile.

Datpiff Mix Tape Interact With Artists

Datpiff Mix Tape Interact With Artists

Chat With Your Favorite Artists

  • Enjoy Video Content

At DatPiff you can enjoy watching videos at the click of a mouse. To make things more user friendly the videos are grouped into categories like Featured Videos, Newest Videos and Popular Videos. They also have a search box so you can hunt down exactly what you want by artist name, music title, keyword, etc.

Datpiff Mix Tape Has Videos

Datpiff Mix Tape Has Videos

Lots of Videos to Enjoy

  • Breaking News Stories

Do you like to keep your finger on the pulse of this industry? If you want to stay abreast of recent news and important announcements DatPiff provides a “News” page. This page provides a steady stream of valuable information that flows from the very heart of this industry. If you want to stay up to date this is how to make that happen.

Datpiff Mix Tape Breaking News

Datpiff Mix Tape Breaking News

Stay Up To Date

  • Affordable Advertising Opportunities

DatPiff offers a wide variety of effective and affordable advertising opportunities. By making use of this you can get excellent benefit by exposing your music, products or services to a very wide user base.

Datpiff Mix Advertising Opportunities

Datpiff Mix Advertising Opportunities

Advertising Opportunities

So how do I register with DatPiff?

Registering with DatPiff is as easy as navigating to their site, www.datpiff.com, and then clicking “Register Now” at the Guest Box located in the right side of the page. Users may register themselves either as artists or fans. The main difference between the two is that as an artist, you will only get to upload your work. As a fan, you will only get to listen to uploaded submissions.

Rise to Popularity

In 2011, a feature on DatPiff was published in Forbes Magazine. The article, “Datpiff: How Love for Mixtapes Grew to Lil Wayne Levels”, remarked on the site’s impressive growth and how it featured numerous artists. Forbes Magazine described the website as “the envy of anyone trying to build an online entertainment community”.

Current Site Traffic

Today, a large number of hip hop and rap music artists release mixtapes using DatPiff. Total site downloads has already far exceeded 20.1 million and is continuously increasing. One of the most popular releases to date is Meek Mill’s Dreamchasers 2 which garnered over four million downloads! The success of the site has resulted in major sponsorship deals from globally renowned companies as VH1 and Nike.

Future Trend

Now, as DatPiff is made available as a mobile application for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, WebOs and Windows Phone 7, there’s no other expectation of the site than to further grow and influence even more artists and listeners in all parts of the world.

Whether you are an artist or a fan you should make your way over to DatPiff so that you can take full advantage of all the excellent features and benefits that this very cool platform offers.

Visit DatPiff on the web at http://datpiff.com/

If you have any questions about DatPiff or have any comments or suggestions for this article please make your response to this blog post. Also, if you are an artist and would like to share your profile or mix links feel free to jump right in and do that. If you are a DatPiff promoter or fan same thing we would love to hear from you! You can find our Datpiff profile by visiting http://www.datpiff.com/profile/ImpactSocialMe1


  1. When my mixtape drop im trying to get it sponser on datpiff and on the front page were do I go to do it

    1. Author

      DeeRalph, you should get in touch with DatPiff support and let them answer your question. Last I knew you could get your mixtape on the homepage under the spotlight category for about $300.00 but I can’t verify if that is still the case. Go to http://www.datpiff.com/contact and ask them about the best way to get your mix tape on their front page.

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