Business Marketing Classes Part 8 - Traditional Marketing

Business Marketing Class Part 8

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Business Marketing Class – Part 8
Traditional Marketing

Welcome to Business Marketing Class Part 8 – Traditional Marketing. This week we will be discussing the option of paid marketing using non-digital or traditional methods. Topics covered will include traditional marketing overview, print advertising, radio advertising, TV advertising, direct mailing, telephone soliciting, billboard advertising, seminars and workshops, trade shows, networking groups and pros and cons.

We are expecting a special guest speaker this week as Rodrigo Futema will be joining us from Sporting KC. Rodrigo will be speaking briefly about how to use sporting events as a form of business marketing.

Traditional Marketing Overview

Traditional marketing methods are a tried and proven approach. While some of these channels can be very expensive others are extremely frugal. During the course of this class we will discuss a wide variety of choices so you will be better informed when making your advertising choices.

Print Advertising

Print advertising can be a great choice. You have many options such as flyers, stickers, brochures and more. An example would be when an HVAC contractor has stickers printed and them leaves them on a customer’s furnace. Another example would be brochures which you can hand out to interested people.

Print ads can also be in the form of well-designed advertisements that you strategically place in newsletters, newspapers, magazines etc.

Take A Look At A Print Ad We Did Below.

Advertising artwork with purple background, misc. text and embedded photos of clothing items.

Grand Opening Advertising Flyer For Clothing Retailer

Radio Advertising

Radio ads can be less costly than video ads merely because you only need to deal with creating an audio track. Radio ads can also be precisely targeted to specific geographic locations and also specific times of the day. You can also look into user demographics of a broadcast station to get an understanding of what their typical listener looks like.

According to Statista, daily time spent listening to the radio in 2015 was around 112 minutes per capita in the USA. (See Image Below)

Daily Time Spent Listening To The Radio

Daily Time Spent Listening To The Radio

Television Advertising

TV ads can range from somewhat affordable to incredibly expensive. It really depends on the channel and time slot you select. TV ads can also be costly in terms of producing an effective and high quality video.

TV ads as with radio ads can be specifically targeted and can also help you to reach a specific type of audience. According to Forbes the potential reach of this marketing is well above 200 million and the average time spent watching TV per day is around 5 hours.

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail is a good choice when you’re on a tight budget. It is relatively inexpensive to do the printing and the postage can be bought as bulk mailing to lower that cost. Direct mailing is a great way to target specific locations and you will face much less legal exposure scrutiny as compared to email marketing.

According to Expanded Ramblings direct mail marketing yields an average of a 13-1 return on your investment.

Telephone Soliciting

Looking for your next sale via the telephone may be a better option than you realize. Not in terms of a spammy robo-call – but more along the lines of a personalized call. You might be pleasantly surprised if you spend some time reaching out to potential and existing customers with a phone call.

According to Marketing Profs telemarketing is the second most effective method for business to business (B2B) lead generation.

Billboard Advertising
Outdoor Advertising

Billboard ads are very effective for branding and can also be used to promote sales. In some locations they can be costly but if you shop around there is always a deal to be had. Almost always, the seller should be able to give you a rough estimate of the volume of traffic that the sign will be exposed to.

In terms of outdoor advertising such as billboard ads, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America reports that billboards are extremely cost effective for your dollars spent vs. how many people see your ad. (See Image Below)

Outdoor Advertising Comparison

Outdoor Advertising Comparison

Hosting Seminars And Workshops

For a reasonable investment you can host a seminar or workshop. For some types of products this is a very powerful to comprehensively demonstrate your key selling points. It is also productive when you combine your product presentation with helpful information for the consumer.

If you plan to host a seminar or workshop take a minute to read this list of seven tips to increase attendance at your next seminar.

Attending Trade Shows

Trade shows can be an affordable and beneficial option for branding, exposing your products and services and reaching out to new customers. One advantage of the trade show approach is that it is focused on a particular them. For example, a boat show, a home improvement show, a gun show, etc. This is helpful because you will be getting yourself in front of the audience you wish to reach.

According to the Trade Show News Network B2B exhibitions were 39.2% of B2B marketing budgets in recent years, 81% of trade show attendees have buying authority, and a staggering 99% of marketers said they found unique value from trade shows that could not be obtained via alternate marketing mediums.

Networking Group Participation

By joining and participating in networking groups you can make a lot of new contacts. Past that, these new contacts also have contacts and this can create an exponential effect on your opportunities. Some networking groups are free of charge while others may require a reasonable fee.

According to Hubspot 84% of people say they prefer in-person meetings, 85% say the build stronger, more meaningful business relationships during in-person meetings and a whopping 95% say face-to-face meetings are essential for long-term business relationships.

Door To Door Selling

Believe it or not door to door canvassing is not dead. This approach is used by a variety of marketers to include politicians and others. The reason this method is so desirable is that it gives a very personalized and face-to-face presentation of your products and/or services. According to Dateline Carolina, college students were pleasantly surprised to experience much success in door-to-door sales.

Traditional Marketing Pros & Cons


  • Many effective options to choose from
  • Some of these opportunities are very inexpensive
  • You can target your market very precisely
  • Can be used to push traffic to your website
  • Does not require any technical expertise
  • Some options give a personalized presentation


  • Some options can be very expensive
  • Some options may be perceived as spammy
  • Some options can be very time consuming
  • Some options may have a limited audience reach

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