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WordPress: Blogging Made Easy

Who says you need to have technical knowledge in order to blog? The truth is, WordPress strips away all the technicalities of having to maintain a blog, and that’s what makes it a good platform for those who want to share their thoughts online.

You don’t need to know how to code in HTML or CSS (although the platform allows you to) in order to get started in WordPress. You just need to be armed with your flair for words, and you’re good to go. Even better, you don’t need to pay to create a blog on the platform!

Our WordPress Com Blog

Our WordPress Com Blog

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WordPress: A History

WordPress is the successor to the blogging tool called b2/cafelog that was developed by French programmer Michel Valdrighi and launched in 2001. However, Valdrighi stopped development in 2002.

In January 2003, a university freshman named Matt Mullenweg – who used b2 to blog – offered to create a fork of the project. This is exactly what he did together with a guy named Mike Little. By May 2003, the first version of WordPress was released. From there, it continued to increase its user base up to this day.

WordPress Statistics

  • 60 million of the websites in the world run on WordPress
  • 100,000 WordPress sites are created each day
  • 500,000 new posts are created on WordPress in a day

The Basics of WordPress

  • Posts

You can choose “Visual” or “Text” method to create a blog post in WordPress. The former allows you to create as is (think of it as something like a word processor) while the latter is useful if you know some basic HTML.

Creating A New Blog Post At WordPress

Creating A New Blog Post At WordPress

Create a new blog post without technical skills

  • Pages

Pages are completely different from posts because they are static. One of the best examples of a page is the “About Me” page. One of the best uses for Pages is creating one each for every interest.

Let’s say you’re a blogger who has a varied range of interests, say, basketball, books, and food. You can create a separate page for each of those interests and detail why you’re so interested in them.

Pages also work for niche-focused blogs. Let’s use a book blog as an example. A book blogger can create a page for a list of books they’ve read for the year. It can be constantly updated each time they finish reading a book.

Pages can also be nested. Let’s use the “books read in a year” example again. A book blogger can create a main page then underneath that, create separate pages for years.

Create New Pages At Your WordPress Blog

Create New Pages At Your WordPress Blog

Create pages with the click of a mouse

  • Tags

These are a useful way to group related posts together, and gives the reader an idea of what the post is all about. It also makes it easier for people to find your content.

You can assign multiple tags to one post. For example, you wrote an article about the Sochi Olympics. You can tag the article with “Sochi Olympics,” “Russia”, and “Winter Olympics”, etc.

  • Categories

These are basically like tags, but are more general in nature. For example, you wrote a post about your travels in Greece. You can put this one under the category “Travel” then your tags would be “Greece”, “Acropolis”, “Athens”, etc.

  • Media

WordPress allows users to upload images, audio, and video. However, if you don’t have photos, audio files, and videos of your own, you can opt to embed them into your post instead.

  • Themes

There are lots of free themes with different styles available on WordPress. So, you’re free to choose which one really suits your blog.

Theme Choices At WordPress

Theme Choices At WordPress

Many free theme choices at

  • Social Media Connection

You can connect your social accounts on so that it automatically updates your followers regarding your new posts.

Social Media Sharing For Your WordPress Blog

Social Media Sharing For Your WordPress Blog

Connect & share on social media

  • Statistics

Track your own WordPress blog statistics easily

This feature is useful if you want to know how many visits your site gets, which posts are the most popular, etc.

Track Statistics At Your WordPress Blog

Track Statistics At Your WordPress Blog gives you many blog statistics

So, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use blogging platform, you’ll definitely enjoy what WordPress has to offer.

You are always welcome to go and visit our WordPress blog at

If you have questions or comments about WordPress or would like to share your blog feel free to jump right in and add your comments down below.

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