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Office 365 Get In The Cloud Share Point Design Services.

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  Get Office 365 Sales & Services Small-Medium Sized Business & Organizations  Why should you buy through Impact Social Media?   We offer professional and personalized service that is focused on offering you a smooth transition to cloud based services for your business. As a small business owner you need specialty products and services that are in tune with your unique needs. We will work closely with you …

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All About SEO Help Tips Guideline Checklist

In Backlinks, Business Marketing, Keyword Research, Local Citations, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, SEO by Mark Guertin13 Comments

  SEO – Search Engine Optimization SEO Tips URL: Description:  SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” simply means the things that can be done to improve your search engine ranking. Everybody wants their website to show up at the top of the search engine page when people do a search for things contained in their content. Thusly, and in our humble opinion, …

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Impact Social Media Education Project

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  About The Impact Social Media Education Project            The Impact Social Media Education Project was founded in October of 2013 by Mark and Jennifer Guertin. The purpose of this project is to benefit and propel college students. This project provides students with the ability to create a fully functioning website and to have access to a cPanel interface with …

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All about websites a beginner’s complete guide

In Startup Company, Web Design, Website Design by Mark Guertin85 Comments

Got Impact? Get Impact! How? With Impact Social Media! Follow us at any of these social media sites.               Impact Social Media All About Websites Impact Social Media Website Design URL: Description:  Website design is a collaborative effort between a client and web developer. The goal is to produce a finished product that will effectively communicate a specific message …

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Eco-Friendly Green Web Hosting

In cPanel, Web Hosting, Web Servers, Website Hosting by Mark Guertin2 Comments

         We have two important announcements:          Firstly, we now have our private domain name servers setup and fully propagated for all of our clients.          Secondly, we are happy to announce that we now have eco-friendly IMPACT! Impact Social Media web hosting is now on GREEN web servers! That’s right our web servers are 130% wind powered.          Why does this matter? Consider …

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What Is A Domain Name

In Choosing A Domain Name, Domain Names by Mark Guertin5 Comments

What Is A Domain Name What Is A Domain Name URL: Description:  Domain names may seem like a simple topic at first glance but the fact of the matter is they are a very critical, complex and often times overlooked element of your digital presence. A very wise man by the name of Solomon once said “A good name is more …

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All about graphics design elements and methodology

In Advertising Graphics, Graphics Design by Mark Guertin3 Comments

  All About Graphics Design All About Graphics Design URL: Description:  Graphics design is a collaborative effort between a client and artist. The goal is to produce a finished product that will effectively communicate a specific message to the intended target audience. This requires productive collaboration and effective utilization of the various design fundamentals. In order to give you a deeper …

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Wanelo is performing very well

In Social Media, Social Media Marketing by Mark Guertin2 Comments

         If you have not heard of Wanelo it is about time that we discuss it. I am in the process of working up a very detailed blog post on the top 40 social media sites. In the process of doing that I had to sit up and double take note of Wanelo! Take a look at the stats:          Wanelo is …

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All About Logos

In Advertising Graphics, Graphics Design, Logo Design, Startup Company by Mark Guertin4 Comments

  All About Logo Design All About Logo Design URL: Description:  Simply put, a logo is the embodiment and recognizable face of your company or organization. Your logo will be used extensively in everything you do from your business cards to your website and social media pages. In other words, your logo will be continuously in the public view and is …